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Up­date: Thanks to our sub­scribers, all 2023 art­icles in our five Sub­scribe to Open journ­als will be pub­lished open ac­cess.

Sci­entif­ic pub­lish­ing should be an in­dustry that helps rather than hinders schol­arly activ­ity. High-qual­ity re­search de­mands high-qual­ity com­mu­nic­a­tion — widely, rap­idly and eas­ily ac­cess­ible to all — and MSP works to fa­cil­it­ate it.

Every page we pub­lish is a page pub­lished by a schol­ar-led non­profit, a page con­trolled by the math com­munity, not a large com­mer­cial in­terest. Without share­hold­ers to pay or a so­ci­ety to fund, MSP keeps every dol­lar it earns in­ves­ted in our mis­sion.

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Our five S2O journals will publish 2023 in open access  

Thanks to re­newed sub­scrip­tions and, in turn, the sup­port of the math­em­at­ic­al com­munity, we are happy to an­nounce that all 2023 art­icles in our Sub­scribe to Open pro­gram will be pub­lished open ac­cess — free to be read by every­one and with no au­thor charges.

This pro­gram in­cludes our five most es­tab­lished pub­lic­a­tions, namely:

This ini­tial suc­cess of our S2O pro­gram is en­cour­aging for a trans­ition to open ac­cess through mod­els that do not cre­ate fin­an­cial bar­ri­ers for au­thors, nor cut away care­ful copy­ed­it­ing and type­set­ting. We’re ex­cited that this pro­gram will en­able us to fur­ther our mis­sion: to serve the math com­munity through high-qual­ity pub­lish­ing, by and for math­em­aticians, and help oth­ers do the same.

We’re look­ing for­ward to con­tin­ued com­munity par­ti­cip­a­tion and sub­scrip­tion sup­port in the years to come, to make it pos­sible that fu­ture years’ con­tent will also be pub­lished open ac­cess.

New journals in 2022  

Two new journ­als will be­come avail­able from MSP in 2022: