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Cagatay, Ismail
Mechanical behavior of brick masonry panels under uniaxial compression
Cai, Jiaxin
Equivalent mechanical properties of additively manufactured octagonal honeycombs: Theoretical and experimental analysis
Cajić, Milan
Thermal and magnetic effects on the vibration of a cracked nanobeam embedded in an elastic medium
Calas, Héctor
Dispersion relations for SH waves on a magneto-electro-elastic heterostructure with imperfect interfaces
Caliò, Ivo
Exponential solutions for a longitudinally vibrating inhomogeneous rod
Capó-Lugo, Pedro
Active control schemes based on the linearized Tschauner-Hempel Equations to maintain the separation distance constraints for the NASA benchmark Tetrahedron Constellation
Deployment procedure for the Tetrahedron Constellation
Carabetta, Pamela
On the detachment of patched panels under thermo-mechanical loading
Cardamone, Luca
Carlsson, Leif
Failure Investigation of Debonded Sandwich Columns: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Flexure of Beams with an Interlayer - Symmetric Beams with Orthotropic Adherends
Carpinteri, Alberto
Singular harmonic problems at a wedge vertex: mathematical analogies between elasticity, diffusion, electromagnetism, and fluid dynamics
Carrera, Erasmo
Mixed piezoelcetric plate elements with continuos transverse electric displacements
Piezoelectric shells theories with "a priori" continuous transverse electro-mechanical variable
Carter, Dennis
Transverse and torsional shear stresses in prismatic bodies having inhomogeneous material properties using a new 2D stress function
Carvalho, Claudio
Characterization of human skin through skin expansion
Čas, Bojan
Buckling of circular CFDST slender columns with compliant interfaces: Exact solution
Casciaro, Raffaele
Nonlinear FEM analysis for beams and plate assemblages based on the implicit corotational method
The implicit corotational method and its use in the derivation of nonlinear structural models for beams and plates
Casolo, Siro
Macroscale modelling of the micro-structure damage evolution by a rigid body and spring model
Caucci, Anna
Thermal effects of collisions: Does rain turn into ice when it falls on frozen ground?
Cauchi, Marija
Analysis of stress-strain distribution within the spinal segment
Celiker, Fatih
Nonlocal problems with local Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions
Cennamo, Claudia
Automatic generation of statically admissible stress fields in masonry vaults
Seismic vulnerability of domes: a case study
Chaijit, Seksan
Effect of tip profile on cutting processability of trapezoidal cutting blade indented to aluminum sheet
Chakraverty, Snehashish
Differential quadrature and adomian decomposition methods for solving thermal vibration of Euler nanobeam resting on Winkler-Pasternak foundation
Implementation of Hermite-Ritz method and Navier’s technique for vibration of functionally graded porous nanobeam embedded in Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation using bi-Helmholtz type of nonlocal elasticity
Static analysis of nanobeams using Rayleigh-Ritz method
Challagulla, K.
Asymptotic homogenization model for three-dimensional network reinforced composite structures
Challamel, Noël
Chaotic vibrations in a damage oscillator with crack closure effect
Chambon, René
Switching mode of deformation in post-localization solutions with a quasi brittle material
Champneys, Alan
On time-delayed and feed-forward transmission line models of the cochlea
Chang, Chong-Seok
Chang, Pei-Lun
Prediction of Springback and residual stress of a beam/plate subjected to three-point bending
Chapelle, Frédéric
A dielectric breakdown model for an interface crack in a piezoelectric bimaterial
Chatzigogos, Charisis
Seismic bearing capacity of circular footing: a yield design approach
Chaudhuri, Pranay
Effect of nonhomogeneity on the contact of an isotropic half-space and a rigid
Chaurasia, Adarsh
Hierarchical multiscale modeling of the effect of carbon nanotube damage on the elastic properties of polymer composites
Chee, Calvin
Cheeseman, Bryan
Computational modeling of tungsten carbide sphere impact and penetration into High-Strength-Low-Alloy (HSLA) -100 steel targets
Chen, BingJin
Dislocation interacting with collinear rigid lines in piezoelectric media
Interaction of a dislocation with collinear rigid lines at the interface of piezoelectric media
Micro-crack initiation at the tip of a finite rigid conducting line in piezoelectric media
Chen, Chang
Collapse mechanisms of metallic sandwich structures with aluminum foam-filled corrugated cores
Chen, Zhihua
Axial compression stability of a crisscross section column composed of concrete-filled square steel tubes
Experimental and analytical investigation of the behavior of diaphragm-through joints of concrete-filled tubular columns
Numerical and experimental investigation of dynamic characteristics of cable supported barrel vault structure
Chen, Zhou
Analysis of pedestrian-induced lateral vibration of a footbridge that considers feedback adjustment and time delay
Chen, Diyi
Progressive failure and ultimate strength analysis of sandwich composite hat-stringer-stiffened panels under transverse in-plane loading
Chen, Guang-Nan
Evaluation of film-substrate adhesion via impact using coated bullets
Chen, J.
Shock-induced detonation of high explosives by high velocity impact
Thermal stress analysis of functionally graded composites with temperature-dependent material properties
Chen, Jinghao
A continuous stiffness approach for modeling edge-cracked beams with different cross-sections based on energy theory
Chen, Liang
Eshelby Inclusion of Arbitrary Shape in Isotropic Elastic Materials with a Parabolic Boundary
Uniform stress resultants inside two non-elliptical inhomogeneities in isotropic laminated plates
Chen, Michelle
On the elastic moduli and compliances of transversely isotropic and orthotropic materials
Chen, Qiang
Application of the Kirchhoff hypothesis to bending thin plates with different moduli in tension and compression
Chen, Shan-lin
Application of the Kirchhoff hypothesis to bending thin plates with different moduli in tension and compression
Chen, Shengli
Poromechanics response of an inclined borehole subject to in-situ stress and finite length fluid discharge
Chen, Wei
Nonlinear free vibration of nanobeams based on nonlocal strain gradient theory with the consideration of thickness-dependent size effect
Chen, Wei-Ting
The flexibility of functionally graded material plates
Chen, Weinong
Temperature dependence of a NiTi shape memory alloys superelastic behavior at a high strain rate
Chen, Xi
Cylindrical indentation induced deformation state in face-centered cubic (FCC) single crystals
Numerical and experimental studies of deep indentation on single crystals
Chen, Yi
A singular integral equation method for examining asymptotic solutions of a kinked crack with infinitesimal kink length
Boundary integral equation for notch problem of elastic half-plane based on Green's function method
Crack front position and crack back position techniques for evaluating T-stress
Influences of different integral kernels to the solutions of boundary integral equation
Solution of multiply layered cylinder made of functionally graded materials using transmission matrix method
Chen, Youping
Chen, Yuan
Research on accumulative plastic damage for low-cycle fatigue analysis of hull notched plate
Chen, YungChia
Dynamic Compression of Square Honeycomb Structures During Underwater Impulsive Loading
Chen, Zhenhua
Quantifying fatigue cracks in TC4 titanium alloy using nonlinear modulation ultrasonic testing method
Chen, Ziguang
Effects of surface deformation on the collective buckling of an array of rigid beams on an elastic substrate
Cheng, Chang Zheng
Numerical study of the Gurtin-Murdoch model for curved interfaces: Benchmark solutions and analysis of curvature-related effects
Cheng, Chang-Jun
A Nonlinear Model of Thermoelastic Beams with Voids with Applications
Cheng, Jianlian
Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of vibro-impacto system under harmonic excitation
Cheng, Qiang
Effect of interconnect linewidth on the evolution of intragranular microcracks due to surface diffusion in a gradient stress field and an electric field
Cheraghi, Nader
A damage index for structural health monitoring based on the empirical mode decomposition
Cherkaev, Andrej
Energy absorption of a helicoidal bistable structure
Ching, Hsu-Kuang
Shock-induced detonation of high explosives by high velocity impact
Thermal stress analysis of functionally graded composites with temperature-dependent material properties
Chiriță, Stan
Spatial evolution of harmonic vibrations in linear elasticity
Chitikireddy, Ravi
Generalized thermoelastic waves in cylinders due to localized heating
Cho, Maenghyo
Molecular dynamics-based continuum models for the linear elasticity of nanofilms and nanowires with anisotropic surface effects
Multiscale analysis of nanoscale thin film considering surface effects: Thermomechanical properties
Choi, Jeom
Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Compressive Response of Single and Hex-arrayed Aluminum Tubes
Choi, Jinbok
Multiscale analysis of nanoscale thin film considering surface effects: Thermomechanical properties
Choi, Yangwook
Observations of anisotropy evolutions and identification of plastic spin parameters by uni-axial tensile tests
Christensen, Claus
Advanced postbuckling and imperfection sensitivity of the elastic-plastic Shanley-Hutchinson model column
An enhanced asymptotic expansion for stability of nonlinear elastic structures
Christensen, Richard
A comparison of open cell and closed cell properties for low density materials
Yield functions and plastic potentials for BCC metals and possibly other materials
Chrysochoos, André
Fields of stored energy associated with localized necking of steel
Chudnovsky, Alexander
A closed-form solution for a crack approaching an interface
Chung, Yen-Ling
The flexibility of functionally graded material plates
Chunyu, Zhanfan
Numerical simulation of frozen soil under uniaxial and coupled dynamic–static impact loads
Ciałkowski, Michał
New conception of FEM base functions applied to solving an inverse heat transfer problem
The analytical-numerical method for solution of the inverse problem for heat conduction equation
Ciarletta, Michele
Spatial evolution of harmonic vibrations in linear elasticity
Ciavarella, Michele
A note on wear of elastic sliding parts with varying contact area
Corrugation models and the roaring rails enigma: a simple analytical contact mechanics model based on a perturbation of Carter’s solution
Ciblac, Thierry
Resistance of flat vaults taking their stereotomy into account
Cimetière, Alain
Investigating the secondary buckling of thin films with an analytical model
Cisilino, Adrián
Three-dimensional BEM analysis to assess delamination cracks between two transversely isotropic materials
Civalek, Ömer
The determination of frequencies of laminated conical shells via the discrete singular convolution method
Cluni, Federico
Random field and homogenization for masonry with non-periodic microstructure
Codrington, John
Out-of-plane Stress and Displacement for Through-the-thickness Cracks in Plates of Finite Thickness
Cogne, Claudia
Thermomechanical modelling of friction effects in granular flow using the discrete element method
Colin, Jérôme
Investigating the secondary buckling of thin films with an analytical model
Collin, Frédéric
Switching mode of deformation in post-localization solutions with a quasi brittle material
Collins, Ian
A thermo-mechanical framework of plasticity based on probabilistic micro-mechanics
Comi, Claudia
A variational formulation for quasi-brittle fracture
Comley, Kerstyn
Deep penetration and liquid injection into adipose tissue
Como, Mario
The rocking: a resource for the side strength of masonry structures
Compton, Brett
Damage development in an armor alumina impacted with ductile metal spheres
Constantinescu, Andrei
Numerical exploration of the Dang Van high cycle fatigue criterion: application to gradient effects
The inverse problem of the seismic fault determination using part time measurements
Coronado, Cesar
Flushing of the Port of Ensenada using a SIBEO wave-driven seawater pump
Cosentino, Enzo
Buckling of stiffened composite panels with stringer terminations
Côté, François
The shear response of metallic square honeycombs
Coupeau, Christophe
Investigating the secondary buckling of thin films with an analytical model
Coussy, Olivier
Prediction of drying shrinkage beyond the pore isodeformation assumption
Coveney, Vincent
Axial compression of hollow elastic spheres
Cox, Simon
Remarks on the accuracy of algorithms for motion by mean curvature in bounded domains
Crouch, Steven
Equivalent inhomogeneity method for evaluating the effective conductivities of isotropic particulate composites
Evaluation of the effective elastic moduli of particulate composites based on Maxwell's concept of equivalent inhomogeneity: microstructure-induced anisotropy
Semi-analytical solution for a viscoelastic plane containing multiple circular holes
Cruz, Pedro
Cui, Fangsen
Effect of number of crowns on the crush resistance in open-cell stent design
Cui, Jun
Ferromagnetic shape memory effects in an iron palladium alloy
Cundumi, Orlando
A New Variable Damping Semi-Active (VDSA) Device for Seismic Response Reduction of Civil Structures
Cusano, Concetta
Seismic vulnerability of domes: a case study
Czitrom, Steven
Flushing of the Port of Ensenada using a SIBEO wave-driven seawater pump
Czubacki, Radoslaw
Topology optimization of spatial continuum structures made of non-homogeneous material of cubic symmetry