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Ebrahimi, Sayna
Peridynamics analysis of the nanoscale friction and wear properties of amorphous carbon thin films
Efimova, Tatyana
Spline-based investigation of natural vibrations of orthotropic rectangular plates of variable thickness within classical and refined theories
Efraim, Elia
Dynamic Stiffness Vibration Analysis of Thick Spherical Shell Segments with Variable Thickness
Ege, Nihal
Approximate analysis of surface wave--structure interaction
Ehret, Alexander
Porcine dermis in uniaxial cyclic loading: Sample preparation, experimental results and modelling
Einav, Itai
A thermo-mechanical framework of plasticity based on probabilistic micro-mechanics
Thermomechanical formulation of strain gradient plasiticity for geomaterials
Eipakchi, Hamid
Third-order shear deformation theory for stress analysis of a thick conical shell under pressure
Eischen, Jeffrey
Eisenberger, Moshe
Dynamic Stiffness Vibration Analysis of Thick Spherical Shell Segments with Variable Thickness
El Arem, Saber
A new cracked beam finite element for rotating shaft dynamics and stability analysis
El Fatmi, Rached
A hysteretic Bingham model for MR dampers to control cable vibrations
A refined 1D beam theory built on 3D Saint Venant's solution to compute homogeneous and composite beams
El Hadrouz, Mourad
A contribution to a critical review of FSW numerical simulation
El Kaïm, Yves
Fields of stored energy associated with localized necking of steel
El-Borgi, Sami
A surface crack in a graded coating bonded to a homogeneous substrate under general loading conditions
Elata, David
Analysis of the electromechanical buckling of a pre-stressed micro beam that is bonded to an elastic foundation
Elishakoff, Isaac
Energy-maximizing holes in an elastic plate under remote loading
Exponential solutions for a longitudinally vibrating inhomogeneous rod
Stress minimization around a hole with stochastically simulated micro-rough surface in a loaded elastic plate
Stress-minimizing holes in a remotely loaded elastic plate under geometrical constraints with inequalities
Stress-smoothing holes in a regularly perforated elastic plate with a given effective bulk modulus
Elmalich, Dvir
In-Plane Dynamic Excitation of AAC Masonry Walls Patched with FRP – Dynamic Testing and Analysis
Elomri, Abderrahim
Effective property estimates for heterogeneous materials with cocontinuous phases
Elperin, Tov
Effect of air gaps on ballistic resistance of ductile shields perforated by non-conical impactors
Effect of the order of plates on the ballistic resistance of ductile layered shields perforated by non-conical impactors
Empirical models for predicting protective properties of concrete shields against high-speed impact
Optimization of penetration into geological and concrete shields by impactor with jet thruster
Elsayed, Hossam
Assessment of degradation of railroad rails - finite element analysis of insulated joints and unsupported sleepers
Emmanuel Nicholas, P.
Multi-Objective Optimization of Laminated Composite Plate with Elliptical Cut-out Using ANN based NSGA-II
Engelbrecht, Jüri
Internal structures and internal variables in solids
Epp, Bastian
On time-delayed and feed-forward transmission line models of the cochlea
Epstein, Marcelo
Media with semi-holonomic internal structure
Modeling bone resorption using Mixture Theory with chemical reactions
Erbaş, Bariş
Approximate analysis of surface wave--structure interaction
Erel, Veysel
Conjugate stress/strain base pairs for planar analysis of biological tissues
Esener, Emre
Determining bending behavior of St-37 rectangular tubes with finite element validation
Eskandari, Jafar
Size-dependent free vibration analysis of infinite nanotubes using elasticity theory
Eskandari Jam, Jafar
Elastic moduli of boron nitride nanotubes based on finite element method
Eskandari-Ghadi, Morteza
The closest isotropic, cubic and transversely isotropic stiffness and compliance tensor to arbitrary anisotropic material
Eslami, Mohammad Reza
Exact closed-form solution of the dynamic coupled thermoelastic response of a functionally graded Timoshenko beam
Thermoelastic stability analysis of imperfect functionally graded cylindrical shells
Esmaeili, Ali
Coupled thermally general imperfect and mechanically coherent energetic interfaces subject to in-plane degradation
Espinosa, Horacio
Deformation and fracture modes of Sandwich Structures subjected to underwater impulsive loads
Esquivel-Sirvent, Raul
Stark ladder resonances in acoustic waveguides
Esteva, Milton
Effective elastic properties of nanotube reinforced composites with slightly weakened interfaces
Etsion, Izhak
The Effect of Contact Conditions and Material Properties on Elastic-Plastic Spherical Contact
Evangelatos, Georgios
A collocation approach for spatial discretization of stochastic peridynamic modeling of fracture
Evans, Anthony
Dynamic buckling of impulsively loaded prismatic cores
Implications of Shakedown for Design of Actively-Cooled Thermostructural Panels