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Faal, Teymoori
Anti-plane deformation of orthotropic strips with multiple defects
Fadeev, Egor
Stretching of chiral tubes obtained by rolling-up plates of cubic crystals with various orientations
Fafitis, Apostolos
Axial compression stability of a crisscross section column composed of concrete-filled square steel tubes
Experimental and analytical investigation of the behavior of diaphragm-through joints of concrete-filled tubular columns
Shear capacity of T-shaped diaphragm-through joints of CFST columns
Faghih Shojaei, Mostafa
Buckling and postbuckling behavior of functionally graded timoshenko microbeams based on the strain gradient theory
Fagiano, Christian
Mixed piezoelcetric plate elements with continuos transverse electric displacements
Fan, Cuiying
Extended displacement discontinuity method for crack analysis in 3D two-phase transversely isotropic magnetoelectroelastic media
Fang, Daining
Plastic yield and collapse mechanism of planar lattice structures
Fantin, Mathias
Resistance of flat vaults taking their stereotomy into account
Fariborz, Shahriar
Analysis of multiple axisymmetric annular cracks
Anti-plane deformation of orthotropic strips with multiple defects
Fateh, Mahmood
Fracture and fatigue crack growth analysis of rail steels
Mechanical and fracture analysis of welded pearlitic rail steels
Favier, Véronique
A contribution to a critical review of FSW numerical simulation
Febbo, Mariano
Multimodal piezoelectric device for energy harvesting from engine vibration
Fekirini, Hamida
Using a CZM and XFEM technique to predict the damage of aluminum notched reinforced with composite patch
Feng, Changxi
Studies on performance and failure mode of T-shaped diaphragm-through connection under monotonic and cyclic loading
Feng, Xiaodong
Geometrical nonlinear dynamic analysis of tensegrity systems via the co-rotational formulation
Feng, Xiqiao
Fracture mechanics analysis of three-dimensional ion cut technology
Feng, Xue
The effect of thin film/substrate radii on the Stoney formula for thin/film substrate subject to nonuniform axisymmetric misfit strain and temperature
Feng, Zhenyu
A Semi-Analytical Solution for Free Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells
Ferjani, Mohamed
Numerical exploration of the Dang Van high cycle fatigue criterion: application to gradient effects
Ferrero, Laura
A new tailoring optimization approach for improving structural response and energy absorption capability of laminated and sandwich composites
Laminated and sandwich panels subject to blast pulse loading
Ferri, Enrico
Dynamic buckling of impulsively loaded prismatic cores
Fiolka, Mark
A critical analysis of interface constitutive models for the simulation of delamination in composites and failure of adhesive bonds
Fleck, Norman
Deep penetration and liquid injection into adipose tissue
Dynamic failure of clamped circular plates subjected to an underwater shock
Multi-hit armour characterisation of metal-composite bi-layers
The shear response of metallic square honeycombs
Fleming, Katherine
Tubular aluminum cellular structures: fabrication and mechanical response
Folkow, Peter
The closest isotropic, cubic and transversely isotropic stiffness and compliance tensor to arbitrary anisotropic material
Fortin, Jérôme
Thermomechanical modelling of friction effects in granular flow using the discrete element method
Fortunato, Antonio
Automatic generation of statically admissible stress fields in masonry vaults
Displacement capacity of masonry structures under horizontal actions via PRD method
Fosdick, Roger
A study of penalty formulations used in the numerical approximation of a radially symmetric elasticity problem
Fotovat Ahmadi, Iman
Effect of adding crumb tire rubber particles on mechanical properties of DCPD modified sulfur polymer mortars
Fountzoulas, Costas
Computational modeling of tungsten carbide sphere impact and penetration into High-Strength-Low-Alloy (HSLA) -100 steel targets
Fowler, Patrick
Frąckowiak, Andrzej
New conception of FEM base functions applied to solving an inverse heat transfer problem
The analytical-numerical method for solution of the inverse problem for heat conduction equation
Franciosi, Patrick
Effective property estimates for heterogeneous materials with cocontinuous phases
Fraska, Agnieszka
Implementation of HAM and meshless method for torsion of functionally graded orthotropic bars
Mesh-free method based numerical experiment for estimation of torsional stiffness of long bone
Freddi, Francesco
Damage in domains and interfaces: a coupled predictive theory
Freed, Alan
Anisotropy in hypo-elastic soft-tissue mechanics, I: Theory
Anisotropy in hypoelastic soft-tissue mechanics, II: simple extensional experiments
Conjugate stress/strain base pairs for planar analysis of biological tissues
Freed, Yuval
Two-way thermomechanically coupled micromechanical analysis of shape memory alloy composites
Frémond, Michel
Damage in domains and interfaces: a coupled predictive theory
Thermal effects of collisions: Does rain turn into ice when it falls on frozen ground?
Fritzkowski, Paweł
Analytical approach to the problem of an auxetic layer under a spatially periodic load
Dynamics of a rope as a rigid multibody system
Stress and displacement analysis of auxetic quarter-plane under a concentrated force
Frostig, Yeoshua
Buckling and non-linear response of sandwich panels with a compliant core and temperature-dependent mechanical properties
Geometrically nonlinear thermo-mechanical response of circular sandwich plates with a compliant core
Nonlinear behavior of thermally loaded curved sandwich panels with a transvesely flexible core
Fu, Kang
Identification of multilayered thin-film stress from nonlinear deformation of substrate
Fu, Tiantian
Numerical simulation of frozen soil under uniaxial and coupled dynamic–static impact loads
Fu, Yibin
Localized bulging of rotating elastic cylinders and tubes
Fu, Yi-Ming
Postbuckling and delamination growth for delaminated piezoelectric elasto-plastic laminated beams under hygrothermal conditions
Fuchs, Moshe
Design of crack-resistant two-dimensional periodic cellular materials
Fuentes, Paula
Mechanics of flying buttresses: the case of the cathedral of Mallorca
Fujieda, Hideki
Magneto-thermo-elastic stresses induced by a transient magnetic field in a conducting infinite plate
Fukamachi, Hiroyuki
Assessment of the mechanical properties of the nucleus inside a spherical endothelial cell based on micro-tensile testing
Fukuzawa, Yasushi
Effect of tip profile on cutting processability of trapezoidal cutting blade indented to aluminum sheet