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Gabbert, Ulrich
A dispersive nonlocal model for wave propagation in periodic composites
Evaluation of effective material properties of rendomly distributed short cylindrical fiber composites using a numerical homogenization technique
Galbusera, Fabio
A nonlinear micromechanical model for progressive damage of vertebral trabecular bones
Galehdari, Seyed
Experimental and Numerical Energy Absorption Study of Aluminum Honeycomb Structure Filled with Graded and non-graded Polyurethane Foam under in-plane and out of plane loading
Galuppi, Laura
Combined effects of interstitial and Laplace pressure in hot isostatic pressing of cylindrical specimens
On the occurrence of lumped forces at corners in classical plate theories: a physically-based interpretation
The effective thickness of laminated glass plates
Galybin, Alexander
Fracture development on a weak interface near a wedge
Gamble, Eleanor
Damage development in an armor alumina impacted with ductile metal spheres
Gampe, Uwe
The analytical-numerical method for solution of the inverse problem for heat conduction equation
Gan, Yong Xue
Anisotropic stress state around internally pressurized microchannels
Cylindrical indentation induced deformation state in face-centered cubic (FCC) single crystals
Numerical and experimental studies of deep indentation on single crystals
Gandomi, Amir Hossein
Genetic Programming and Orthogonal Least Squares: A Hybrid Approach to Compressive Strength of CFRP Confined Concrete Cylinders Modeling
Ganesan, N.
Dynamic behavior of magnetostrictive/piezoelectric laminate cylindrical shells due to electromagnetic force
Finite element modeling of layered and multiphase magneto-electro-elastic cylindrical shell subjected to axi-symmetric temperature distribution
Generalized plane strain finite-element formulation for thermal and electrical buckling analysis of piezo composite beam
Transient response of megneto-electro-elastic simply supported cylindrical shell using finite elements
Ganesan, Rajamohan
Rib location and optimization of stiffened panels considering geometric nonlinearity
Gantes, Charles
Gao, Cun-Fa
An anisotropic piezoelectric half-plane containing an elliptical hole or crack subjected to uniform in-plane electromechanical loading
Longitudinal shear behavior of composites with unidirectional periodic nanofibers of some regular polygonal shapes
Stress concentration around an arbitrarily-shaped hole in nonlinear fully coupled thermoelectric materials
Thermal stress around an arbitrary shaped nano-hole with surface elasticity in a thermoelectric material
Thermal Stress around an Elliptic Hole weakened by Electric Current in an Infinite Thermoelectric Plate
Gao, Huajian
Effects of contact surface shape on lifetime of cellular focal adhesion
Gao, Xin-Lin
Elastic Wave Propagation in a Periodic Composite Plate Structure: Band Gaps Incorporating Microstructure, Surface Energy and Foundation Effects
Garbowski, Tomasz
Diagnosis of concrete dams by flat-jack tests and inverse analyses based on proper orthogonal decomposition
Garcea, Giovanni
Nonlinear FEM analysis for beams and plate assemblages based on the implicit corotational method
The implicit corotational method and its use in the derivation of nonlinear structural models for beams and plates
Gasparini, Dario
A Finite Element for Form-Finding and Static Analysis of Tensegrity Structures
Tensegrity structures and Maxwell's rules revisited
Gatti, Claudio
Multimodal piezoelectric device for energy harvesting from engine vibration
Gavrilov, Sergey
Predictive modelling of mechanical properties of metal filled anodic aluminium oxide
Gazonas, George
A dynamic electro-thermo-mechanical model of dielectric breakdown in solids using peridynamics
A perfectly matched layer for peridynamics in two dimensions
Computational modeling of tungsten carbide sphere impact and penetration into High-Strength-Low-Alloy (HSLA) -100 steel targets
Ge, Peinan
Effects of transverse shear deformation on thermomechanical instabilities in patched structures with edge damage
Ge, Teng
Modeling and experiment of viscoelastic micro-vibration damper based on a chain network model
Gei, Massimiliano
Long wavelength bifurcations and multiple neutral axes of elastic layered structures subject to finite bending
Genna, Francesco
A nonlinear stress-stretch relationship for a single collagen fibre in tension
Analytical estimates for the lateral thrust in bolted steel buckling-restrained braces
Force--displacement relationship in the extraction of a porcine tooth from its socket: experiments and numerical simulations
Small amplitude elastic buckling of a beam under monotonic axial loading, with frictionless contact against movable rigid surfaces
Genoese, Alessandra
Hexagonal boron nitride nanostructures: a nanoscale mechanical modelling
Genoese, Andrea
Hexagonal boron nitride nanostructures: a nanoscale mechanical modelling
George, Daniel
An asymptotic method for the prediction of the anisotropic effective elastic properties of the cortical vein – superior sagital sinus junction embedded within a homogenized cell element
Georgiades, A.
Asymptotic homogenization model for three-dimensional network reinforced composite structures
Georgiev, Vasil
New interpretation of resonant vibrations of finite non-circular shells based on the theory of coupled waveguides
Gerlach, Sebastian
A critical analysis of interface constitutive models for the simulation of delamination in composites and failure of adhesive bonds
Gesualdo, Antonio
Automatic generation of statically admissible stress fields in masonry vaults
Homogenization of a Vierendeel girder with elastic joints into an equivalent polar beam
Limit Analysis of cloister vaults: the case study of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino
Geubelle, Philippe
Perturbation stochastic finite-element-based homogenization of polycrystalline materials
Gherlone, Marco
A consistent refinement of first-order shear deformation theory for laminated composite and sandwich plates using improved zigzag kinematics
Gheshlaghi, Behnam
Size-dependent free vibration analysis of infinite nanotubes using elasticity theory
Gholami, Raheb
A nonlinear Timoshenko beam formulation based on a strain gradient theory
Buckling and postbuckling behavior of functionally graded timoshenko microbeams based on the strain gradient theory
Ghorashi, Mehrdaad
Nonlinear dynamic response of an accelerating composite rotor blade using perturbations
Ghosh, Rupak
Determination of offshore spar structural stochastic response accounting for nonlinear stiffness and radiation damping effects
Giang, Trung
An approximate formula of first peak frequency of ellipticity of Rayleigh surface waves in orthotropic layered half-space model
Gianni, Roberto
Stability and memory effects in a homogenized model governing the electrical conduction in biological tissues
Gilbert, Ian
Creep buckling of imperfect thin-walled shallow concrete domes
Gillespie, John
Flexure of Beams with an Interlayer - Symmetric Beams with Orthotropic Adherends
Girardi, Maria
Free flexural vibrations of masonry beam-columns
Propagation of waves in masonry-like solids
Giurgiutiu, Victor
In-situ optimized PWAS phased arrays for lamb wave structural health monitoring
Givoli, Dan
An axisymmetric parachute model with wrinkling
Gohari, Soheil
Flexural behavior of functionally graded slender beams with complex cross-section
Goldak, John
Mechanics of materials and structures - a simulation-driven design approach
Goldfeld, Yiska
Micro and macro crack sensing in TRC beam under cyclic loading
Goldstein, Robert
Fracture development on a weak interface near a wedge
Gonçalves, Paulo
Gopinath, Arvind
Continuum-based computational methods in cell and nuclear mechanics
Gorb, Yuliya
Reconsidering the boundary conditions for a dynamic, transient mode I crack problem
Gordaninejad, Faramarz
A new earthquake-resistant concrete frame with fiber-reinforced plastic fabrics and shifted plastic hinges
Gordon, Michael
The strength of turtle shells and mammal skulls
Gourgiotis, Panos
Interaction of shear cracks in microstructured materials modeled by couple-stress elasticity
Govorukha, Volodymyr
Application of the hybrid complex variable method to the analysis of a crack at a piezoelectric-metal interface
Prefracture zone modeling for an electrically impermeable interface crack in a piezoelectric bimaterial compound
Grabski, Jakub
Computer simulation of the effective viscosity in Brinkman filtration equation using the Trefftz method
Laminar flow of a power-law fluid between corrugated plates
Grachev, Vladimir
Continuum deployable shells made of thin plates
Grafenhorst, Matthias
Time-adaptive finite element simulations of dynamical problems for temperature-dependent materials
Gries, Thomas
Micro and macro crack sensing in TRC beam under cyclic loading
Grigorenko, Alexander
Spline-based investigation of natural vibrations of orthotropic rectangular plates of variable thickness within classical and refined theories
Grigorenko, Yaroslav
Spline-based investigation of natural vibrations of orthotropic rectangular plates of variable thickness within classical and refined theories
Grima, Joseph
Gryllias, Konstantinos
Morphological processing of proper orthogonal modes for crack detection in beam structures
Guan, Zhengxi
Structural design of pyramidal truss core sandwich beams loaded in 3-point bending
Guessasma, Mohamed
Thermomechanical modelling of friction effects in granular flows using the discrete element method
Guest, Simon
Single member actuation of kagome lattice structures
Guinovart-Díaz, Raúl
A dispersive nonlocal model for wave propagation in periodic composites
Evaluation of effective material properties of rendomly distributed short cylindrical fiber composites using a numerical homogenization technique
Homogenization and effective properties of periodic thermomagnetoelectroelastic composites
Gul, Ufuk
Plane strain polar elasticity of fibre reinforced functionally graded materials and structures
Guo, Cliff
Gusella, Vittorio
Random field and homogenization for masonry with non-periodic microstructure
Gutiérrez, Luis
Elastic Wannier-Stark ladders in torsional waves