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Odzijewicz, Tatiana
Variational methods for the solution of fractional discrete/continuous Sturm--Liouville problems
Ofek, Gidon
Micromechanical properties of chondrocytes and chondrons: relevance to articular cartilage tissue engineering
Ofir, Yoav
An axisymmetric parachute model with wrinkling
Ogbonna, Nkem
Conical indentation of thick elastic spherical shells
Ogden, Raymond
Propagation of waves in an incompressible transversely isotropic elastic solid with initial stress: Biot revisited
Olatunbosun, Oluremi
Detection of fatigue crack using breathing crack phenomenon
Olivieri, Carlo
Automatic generation of statically admissible stress fields in masonry vaults
Displacement capacity of masonry structures under horizontal actions via PRD method
Limit Analysis of cloister vaults: the case study of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino
Öner, Erdal
A study on the contact problem of a layer consisting of functionally graded material (FGM) in the presence of body force
Continuous contact problem for two elastic layers resting on an elastic half-infinite plane
Solution of a receding contact problem using an analytical method and a finite element method
Two-dimensional frictionless contact analysis of an orthotropic layer under gravity
Ong, Chi Wei
Effect of number of crowns on the crush resistance in open-cell stent design
Oresten, Luis Fernando
Parameters estimation of a three-layered sandwich beam
Orlando, Diego
Ortiz, Jhonny
Three-dimensional BEM analysis to assess delamination cracks between two transversely isotropic materials
Ostoja-Starzewski, Martin
Continuum mechanics models of fractal porous media: Integral relations and extremum principles
Fractals in thermo-elasto-plastic materials
Oterkus, Erkan
Peridynamic analysis of fiber-reinforced composite materials
Stress analysis of composite cylindrical shells with an elliptical cutout
Oterkus, Selda
Peridynamics for anti-plane shear and torsional deformations
Otero Hernández, José
Dispersion relations for SH waves on a magneto-electro-elastic heterostructure with imperfect interfaces
Homogenization and effective properties of periodic thermomagnetoelectrostatic composites
Interfacial waves in an A/B/A piezoelectric structure with electro-mechanical imperfect interfaces
Shear vertical waves in laminated coupled electro-mechanics materials with imperfect contact conditions at the interfaces
Othman, Mohamed
Effect of initial stress on a microstretch thermoelastic medium immersed in an infinite inviscid fluid with two models
The effect of variability thermal conductivity on an infinite fiber-reinforced thick plate under initial stress
Oueslati, Abdelbacet
Integral equations for 2D and 3D problems of the sliding interface crack between elastic and rigid bodies
Owolabi, Gbadebo
Experimental evaluation of two multiphase constitutive models applicable to metal matrix composites under non-proportional variable amplitude loading