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Qasaimeh, Mohammad
An endoscopic grasper with corrugated plate shape tactile sensors
Qi, Denan
Stiffness characteristics of elastic thin plates equipped with precision instruments
Qian, Haiyang
Brittle fracture beyond stress intensity factor
Qian, Jin
Effects of contact surface shape on lifetime of cellular focal adhesion
Qian, Zhendong
Vibration reduction of low frequency of phononic-like crystal structures for subways
Qing, Guanghui
A Semi-Analytical Solution for Free Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells
Highly accurate non-compatible generalized mixed finite element method for 3D elasticity problems
Qing, Hai
Bending, buckling and free vibration of Timoshenko beam based plane frame via FEM with nonlocal integral model
Qiu, Jiaujun
A Semi-Analytical Solution for Free Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells
Qiu, Shenglin
Experimental study on biaxial proportional low-cycle fatigue crack propagation of hull inclined-crack plate based on CTOD
Qiu, Xinming
Plastic yield and collapse mechanism of planar lattice structures
Qu, Xin
Bending of nonconforming thin plates based on the first-order manifold method
Quadflieg, Till
Micro and macro crack sensing in TRC beam under cyclic loading
Queheillalt, Douglas
Deformation and fracture modes of Sandwich Structures subjected to underwater impulsive loads
Dynamic Compression of Square Honeycomb Structures During Underwater Impulsive Loading
Truss waviness effects in cellular lattice structures