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Tabatabaei, Maryam
Nearly exact and highly efficient elastic-plastic homogenization and/or direct numerical simulation of low-mass metallic systems with architected cellular microstructures
Taber, Larry
A poroelastic model for cell crawling including mechanical coupling between cytoskeletal contraction and actin polymerization
Taguchi, Isao
Macroscopic elastic properties of porous material of sintered randomly-packed balloons
Taheri, Ali
Electro-thermo-mechanical behaviors of a radially polarized rotating functionally graded piezoelectric cylinder
Taheri, Farid
A damage index for structural health monitoring based on the empirical mode decomposition
A novel application of a laser Doppler vibrometer in a health monitoring system
Elastic Buckling Capacity of Bonded and Unbounded Sandwich Pipes under External Hydrostatic Pressure
On the vibration simulation of submerged pipes- structural health monitoring aspects
Tajuddin, Mohammed
On torsional vibrations of infinite hollow poroelastic cylinders
Takeda, Tomo
Nonlinear Electromechanical Fields and Localized Polarization Switching of Piezoelectric Macro-Fiber Composites
Numerical and experimental evaluation of cryogenic tensile strength of woven fabric-reinforced glass/epoxy composites using the open hole specimens
Takemiya, Hirokazu
Time-domain thin layer method for computing transient response due to sudden/moving loads
Takewaki, Izuru
Discussion of "Study of viscoelasticity and friction damper configurations in the seismic mitigation of medium-rise structures" by Julius Marko, David Thambiratnam and Nimal Perera
Worst-case plastic limit analysis of trusses under uncertain loads via mixed 0-1 programming
Takhirov, Shakhzod
Analytical and numerical studies of tension buckling in multi-layer elastomeric isolators
Taktak, Mohamed
A finite element for the dynamic analysis of a helical spring
Taliercio, Alberto
Analysis of 3D no-tension masonry-like walls
Tamma, Kumar
Finite element formulations via the theorem of expended power in the Lagrangian, Hamiltonian and total energy frameworks
Tan, Li
Effects of surface deformation on the collective buckling of an array of rigid beams on an elastic substrate
Tan, Zhijun
An integrated modelling of tool wear-microstructural evolution internal relations in friction stir welding with worn pin profiles
Tang, Tian
A Variational A Variational Asymptotic Micromechanics Model for Predicting Conductivities of Composite Materials
Tang, Weiran
Numerical simulation of frozen soil under uniaxial and coupled dynamic–static impact loads
Tanigawa, Yoshinobu
Magneto-thermo-elastic stresses induced by a transient magnetic field in a conducting infinite plate
Tao, Yu
Magnetorheological elastomer isolator in compression mode for IMU vibration isolation
Tao, You Rui
Circular-hole stress concentration analysis on glass-fiber-cotton reinforced MC-nylon
Tapia-González, Jorge
Hierarchical multiscale modeling of the effect of carbon nanotube damage on the elastic properties of polymer composites
Tapia-McClung, Horacio
Numerical Simulation of Granular Materials in a Rotating Tumbler
Tarasov, Vasily
What discrete model corresponds exactly to gradient elasticity equation?
Tarnai, Tibor
A remarkable structure of Leonardo and a higher-order infinitesimal mechanism
Tatiraju, Ramajaneyulu
Rate dependence of indentation size effects in filled silicone rubber
Tatone, Bryan
Dynamic fracture tests of polymethylmethacrylate using a semi-circular bend technique
Teng, Xiaoqing
Protection performance of double-layered metal shields against projectile impact
Tessler, Alexander
A consistent refinement of first-order shear deformation theory for laminated composite and sandwich plates using improved zigzag kinematics
Plane harmonic elasto-thermodiffusive waves in semiconductor materials
Thambiratnam, David
Influence of vehicular positions and thermal effects on structural behaviour of concrete pavement
Study of Viscoelastic and Friction Damper Configurations in the Seismic Mitigation of Medium-Rise Structures
Thiagarajan, Ganesh
Computational studies of collagen fibril biominerals using a virtual internal bond model with extrinsic length scale
Thomsen, Ole
Buckling and non-linear response of sandwich panels with a compliant core and temperature-dependent mechanical properties
Geometrically nonlinear thermo-mechanical response of circular sandwich plates with a compliant core
Nonlinear behavior of thermally loaded curved sandwich panels with a transvesely flexible core
Tibullo, Vincenzo
Decay properties of solutions of a Mindlin-type plate model for rhombic systems
Spatial behaviour for constrained motion of a cylinder made of a strongly elliptic anisotropic material
Ting, Thomas
Existence of one-component Rayleigh waves, Stoneley waves, Love waves, slip waves and one-component waves in a plate or layered plate
Titovich, Alexey
Green's function for symmetric loading of an elastic sphere with application to contact problems
Tizzi, Silvano
Influence of the elastic parameters of a fluttering plate on its post-critical behavior
Influence of the non-linear aerodynamic force components on a vibrating beam, simply supported or clamped at both ends, exposed to a high supersonic airflow along its axial direction
Tkachenko, Oleksandr
Representative volume element and effective elastic properties of open cell foam materials with random microstructures
Tomar, Sushil
Lamb waves in nonlocal elastic plate with voids
Reflection of plane longitudinal waves from stress-free boundary of a nonlocal, micropolar elastic solid half-space
Shear waves at a corrugated interface between two dissimilar fibre-reinforced elastic half-spaces
Tomé, Murilo
Tong, Zhenzhen
Accurate buckling analysis of piezoelectric functionally graded nanotube reinforced cylindrical shells under combined electro-thermo-mechanical loads
Toropova, Marina
Anisotropic multi-material lattices as thermal adapters
Bimaterial lattices with anisotropic thermal expansion
Tran, Anh
Polarization approximations for elastic moduli of isotropic multicomponent materials
Tran, Thanh Tuan
An approximate formula of first peak frequency of ellipticity of Rayleigh surface waves in orthotropic layered half-space model
Formulas for the H$/$V ratio of Rayleigh waves in compressible pre-stressed elastic half-spaces
Trapper, Pavel
Softening hyperviscoelasticity for modeling rate-dependent material failure
Triani, Vita
Exploitation of the dissipation inequality, if some balances are missing
Tricoche, Xavier
Tapping dynamics for a column of particles and beyond
Trimarco, Carmine
On Uniqueness in the Affine Boundary Value Problem of the Nonlinear elastic Dielectric
Truong, Thuy Dung
An approximate formula of first peak frequency of ellipticity of Rayleigh surface waves in orthotropic layered half-space model
Tsujioka, Katsuhiko
Assessment of the mechanical properties of the nucleus inside a spherical endothelial cell based on micro-tensile testing
Tsukamoto, Hideaki
Micromechanical approach to transformation toughening in Zirconia-enriched multiphase composites
Tsvetkov, Roman
Experimental study of deformation processes in large-scale concrete structure under quasistatic loading
Tufekci, Ekrem
Contact stress on a rotating elastic band saw blade
Turner, Daniel
Inverse problems in heterogeneous and fractured media using peridynamics