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Vaccaro, Massimo
Spatial behaviour for constrained motion of a cylinder made of a strongly elliptic anisotropic material
Vairo, Giuseppe
Anisotropic thin-walled beam models: a rational deduction from three-dimensional elasticity
Valdes, Jorge
Elastic Wannier-Stark ladders in torsional waves
Valdevit, Lorenzo
Implications of Shakedown for Design of Actively-Cooled Thermostructural Panels
Valizadeh, Iman
Growth-induced instabilities of an elastic film on a viscoelastic substrate: Analytical solution and computational approach via eigenvalue analysis
Valliappan, Somasundaram
Ván, Péter
Internal energy in dissipative relativistic fluids
van Bloemen Waanders, Bart
Inverse problems in heterogeneous and fractured media using peridynamics
van de Ven, Fons
A continuous model for an arterial tissue, incorporating remodeling and volumetric growth
Varano, Valerio
The effects of warping constraints on the buckling of thin-walled structures
Varelis, Dimitris
Coupled finite element for the nonlinear dynamic response of active piezoelectric plates under thermoelectromechanical loads
Vargas, Benjamin
Size-normalized robustness of Dpp gradient in Drosophila wing imaginal disc
Vasiliev, Aleksey
Vaziri, Ashkan
Continuum-based computational methods in cell and nuclear mechanics
Deformation and fracture modes of Sandwich Structures subjected to underwater impulsive loads
Dynamic Compression of Square Honeycomb Structures During Underwater Impulsive Loading
Mechanical behavior and constitutive modeling of metal cores
Metal Sandwich Plates with Polymer Foam-Filled Cores
Performance and Failure of Metal Sandwich Plates Subject to Shock Loading
Quasi-static Punch Indentation of a Honeycomb Sandwich plate: Experiments and modelling
Vedachalam, Sridhar
Nonlinear vibration of a cohesively cracked beam, II: Perturbation analysis of Euler-Bernoulli beam vibration using a nonlinear spring for damage representation
Venditti, Richard
Stiffness based sorting of paper on a high speed conveyor
Vermaak, Natasha
Implications of Shakedown for Design of Actively-Cooled Thermostructural Panels
Veveakis, Manolis
Conditions for the localization of plastic deformation in temperature sensitive visco-plastic materials
Vezhapparambu, Ajith
Wave Propagation in Uncertain Beam Structures: A Monte-Carlo Simulation based approach under Spectral Finite Element Environment
Vidal, Philippe
A refined sine-based finite element with transverse normal deformation for the analysis of laminated beams under thermomechanical loads
Vieira Ferreira Levy, Silvio
Vigdergauz, Shmuel
Energy-maximizing holes in an elastic plate under remote loading
Energy-minimizing inclusion in an elastic plate under remote shear
Energy-minimizing openings around a fixed hole in an elastic plate
Planar grained structures with traction-smoothing inclusions: an elastostatic numerical analysis for shear and torsion
Shape optimization in an elastic plate under remote shear: from single to interacting holes
Shape optimization of a ridig inclusion in a shear-loaded elastic plane
Stress minimization around a hole with stochastically simulated micro-rough surface in a loaded elastic plate
Stress smoothing holes in planar elastic domains
Stress-minimizing hole in an elastic plate under remote shear
Stress-minimizing holes in a remotely loaded elastic plate under geometrical constraints with inequalities
Stress-smoothing holes in a regularly perforated elastic plate with a given effective bulk modulus
Vivar-Pérez, Juan Miguel
A dispersive nonlocal model for wave propagation in periodic composites
Volkov, Mikhail
Stretching of chiral tubes obtained by rolling-up plates of cubic crystals with various orientations
Volokh, Konstantin
Softening hyperviscoelasticity for modeling rate-dependent material failure
von Wolfersdorf, Jens
New conception of FEM base functions applied to solving an inverse heat transfer problem
Vrcelj, Zora
Flexural behavior of functionally graded slender beams with complex cross-section
Vu, Anh
Effective boundary condition method and approximate secular equations of Rayleigh waves in orthotropic half-spaces coated by a thin layer
Formulas for the H$/$V ratio of Rayleigh waves in compressible pre-stressed elastic half-spaces
Vukelić, Siniša
Comparative study of symmetric and asymmetric deformation of Al single crystal under micro scale laser shock peening