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Zahrouni, Hamid
A contribution to a critical review of friction stir welding numerical simulation
Zait, Yuval
The Effect of Contact Conditions and Material Properties on Elastic-Plastic Spherical Contact
Zaki, Wael
Cyclic behavior and energy approach to the fatigue of shape memory alloys
Zamani, Mohammad Reza
Elastic moduli of boron nitride nanotubes based on finite element method
Zamani, Vahid
Expansion-contraction behavior of a pressurized poro-hyperelastic spherical shell due to fluid redistribution in the structure wall
Zampoli, Vittorio
Decay properties of solutions of a Mindlin-type plate model for rhombic systems
Zani, Nicola
A new class of equilibrated stress fields for no tension bodies
Integration of measures and admissible stress fields for masonry bodies
On the choice of functions spaces in the limit analysis for masonry bodies
Orthotropic plane bodies with bounded tensile and compressive strength
Zaoui, André
Zare, Mohammad
A modified shear-lag model for prediction of stress distribution in unidirectional fibrous composites considering interphase
Zeman, Jan
Microstructure-based modeling of elastic functionally graded materials: One-dimensional case
Zenkour, Ashraf
Hygrothermal analysis of exponentially graded rectangular plates
Zhan, Chunxiao
Analytical solution of a concentrated force on free surface of coated materials
Zhang, Fucheng
An analytical solution for heat flux distribution of cylindrically orthotropic fiber reinforced composites with surface effect
Interface stress of orthotropic materials with a nano defect under anti-plane shear loading
Zhang, Gongye
A simplified strain gradient Kirchhoff rod model and its applications on microsprings and microcolumns
Elastic Wave Propagation in a Periodic Composite Plate Structure: Band Gaps Incorporating Microstructure, Surface Energy and Foundation Effects
Zhang, H.X.
Interaction of a dislocation with collinear rigid lines at the interface of piezoelectric media
Zhang, Hongwu
The simulation of residual stresses in friction stir welds
Zhang, Hongxia
Micro-crack initiation at the tip of a finite rigid conducting line in piezoelectric media
Zhang, Kun
Evaluation of film-substrate adhesion via impact using coated bullets
Zhang, Liang
An atomistic instability condition and application
An Eshelby-type approach for defect energetics in carbon nanotubes
Zhang, Qian
Collapse mechanisms of metallic sandwich structures with aluminum foam-filled corrugated cores
Zhang, Ruoyu
Experimental and analytical investigation of the behavior of diaphragm-through joints of concrete-filled tubular columns
Shear capacity of T-shaped diaphragm-through joints of CFST columns
Studies on performance and failure mode of T-shaped diaphragm-through connection under monotonic and cyclic loading
Zhang, Xiao-Bing
Crack initiation prediction for V-notches under mixed mode loading in brittle materials
Zhang, Xuan
Free vibration of a simulation CANDU nuclear fuel bundle structure inside a tube
Zhang, Yihui
Plastic yield and collapse mechanism of planar lattice structures
Zhang, Zhao
An integrated modelling of tool wear-microstructural evolution internal relations in friction stir welding with worn pin profiles
The simulation of residual stresses in friction stir welds
Zhang, Zhifang
Efficiencies of algorithms for vibration-based delamination detection: A comparative study
Zhang, Zhong
A Higher-Order Theory for Fiber-Metal Laminates
Zhao, Jidong
Thermomechanical formulation of strain gradient plasiticity for geomaterials
Zhao, Manhong
Numerical and experimental studies of deep indentation on single crystals
Zhao, Minghao
Extended displacement discontinuity method for crack analysis in three-dimensional two-phase transversely isotropic magnetoelectroelastic media
Zheludkevich, Mikhail
Predictive modelling of mechanical properties of metal filled anodic aluminium oxide
Zheng, Chenyi
Tuning stress concentrations through embedded functionally graded shells
Zheng, Zhou-lian
Application of the Kirchhoff hypothesis to bending thin plates with different moduli in tension and compression
Zhong, Yucheng
Effect of number of crowns on the crush resistance in open-cell stent design
Zhong, Zheng
Mechanical degradation of natural fiber reinforced composite materials under constrained swelling
Zhou, Kun
Reliability analysis of hard coatings on a substrate containing inhomogeneities
Zhou, Kun
Dynamics and stability analysis of an axially moving beam in axial flow
Zhou, Linyong
Effect of interconnect linewidth on the evolution of intragranular microcracks due to surface diffusion in a gradient stress field and an electric field
Zhou, Min
Response of submerged metallic sandwich structures to underwater impulsive loads
Zhou, Xiangming
Numerical simulation of ram extrusion in short-fiber-reinforced fresh cementitious composites
Zhou, Zhen-Gong
The nonlocal theory solution of a Mode-I crack in functionally graded materials subjected to the harmonic strees waves
Zhou, Zhenhuan
Accurate buckling analysis of piezoelectric functionally graded nanotube reinforced cylindrical shells under combined electro-thermo-mechanical loads
Zhu, Hanxing
Effects of surface and initial stresses on the bending stiffness of trilayer plates and nanofilms
Zhu, Shengbo
Accurate buckling analysis of piezoelectric functionally graded nanotube reinforced cylindrical shells under combined electro-thermo-mechanical loads
Ziegler, Franz
Modal analysis of laminated beams with fuzzy core stiffness/fuzzy interlayer slip
Zisis, Thanasis
The Burmister’s problem extended for a microstructured layer
Zohdi, Tarek
Particle collision and adhesion under the influence of near-fields
Zok, Frank
Damage development in an armor alumina impacted with ductile metal spheres
Dynamic buckling of impulsively loaded prismatic cores
Implications of Shakedown for Design of Actively-Cooled Thermostructural Panels
Zubelewicz, Aleksander
Concentrated force acting on a power law creep half-plane
Zulli, Daniele
A linear model of curved beam for the analysis of galloping of suspended cables
Zuo, Keping
Effect of number of crowns on the crush resistance in open-cell stent design
Zuo, Zhi Hao
Predicting the effective stiffness of cellular and composite materials with self-similar hierarchical microstructures