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Fracture Initiation in a Transversely Isotropic Solid: Transient Three Dimensional Analysis

Louis M. Brock

Research on accumulative plastic damage for low-cycle fatigue analysis of hull notched plate

Junlin Deng, Ping Yang, Yuan Chen, Jin Han

A simple technique for estimation of mixed mode (I/II) stress intensity factors

S. Sajith, K. S. R. K. Murthy, P. S. Robi

Eshelby Inclusion of Arbitrary Shape in Isotropic Elastic Materials with a Parabolic Boundary

Xu Wang, Liang Chen, Peter Schiavone

Longitudinal shear behavior of composites with unidirectional periodic nanofibers of some regular polygonal shapes

Hai-Bing Yang, Cheng Huang, Chuan-bin Yu, Cun-Fa Gao

The Burmister’s problem extended for a microstructured layer

Thanasis Zisis