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Preface  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Maurizio Angelillo as Author, Santiago Huerta Fernandez

Analysis of 3D no-tension masonry-like walls  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Deborah Briccola, Matteo Bruggi, Alberto Taliercio

Nonlinear free vibration of nanobeams based on nonlocal strain gradient theory with the consideration of thickness-dependent size effect

Wei Chen, Lin Wang, Hu-Liang Dai

Seismic vulnerability of domes: a case study  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Concetta Cusano, Claudia Cennamo, Maurizio Angelillo

Inelastic analysis of material nonlinear problems using smoothed finite element method

Keyang Dai

Resistance of flat vaults taking their stereotomy into account  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Mathias Fantin, Thierry Ciblac, Maurizio Brocato

Mechanics of flying buttresses: the case of the cathedral of Mallorca  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Paula Fuentes

Cracking of masonry arches with great deformations. A new equilibrium approach  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

José Ignacio Hernando García, Fernando Magdalena Layos, Antonio Aznar López

The structural engineer's view of ancient buildings  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Jacques Heyman

Some general theorems for local gradient theory of electrothermoelastic dielectrics

Olha Hrytsyna, Halyna Moroz

Effect of surface elasticity on stress intensity factors near the mode-III crack tips

Xian-Fang Li

Orthotropic plane bodies with bounded tensile and compressive strength  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Massimiliano Lucchesi, Barbara Pintucchi, Nicola Zani

A no-tension analysis for a brick masonry vault with lunette  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Michela Monaco, Immacolata Bergamasco, Michele Betti

Analytical investigation of free vibrations of a bounded nonlinear bulk-elastic medium in a mass force field

Eugene Ryzhak, Svetlana Sinyukhina

Thermal Stress around an Elliptic Hole weakened by Electric Current in an Infinite Thermoelectric Plate

Kun Song, Hao-Peng Song, Peter Schiavone, Cun-Fa Gao

The role of rheology in modelling elastic waves with gas bubbles in granular fluid-saturated media

Dmitry Strunin, Adham Ali

Anisotropic multi-material lattices as thermal adapters

Marina M. Toropova

Energy-maximizing holes in an elastic plate under remote loading

Shmuel Vigdergauz, Isaac Elishakoff

A mode-dependent energy-based damage model for peridynamics and its implementation

Christian Willberg, Lasse Wiedemann, Martin Rädel

A modified shear-lag model for prediction of stress distribution in unidirectional fibrous composites considering interphase

Mohammad Zare, Mehdi Mondali

Elastic Wave Propagation in a Periodic Composite Plate Structure: Band Gaps Incorporating Microstructure, Surface Energy and Foundation Effects

Gongye Zhang, Xin-Lin Gao