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Characterization of CNT Properties using Space-frame Structure

Muhammad Arif, Jacob Muthu

Shaft-hub press fit subjected to couples and radial forces: analytical evaluation of the shaft-hub detachment loading

Enrico Bertocchi, Luca Lanzoni, Sara Mantovani, Enrico Radi, Antonio Strozzi

Approximate analysis of surface wave--structure interaction

Nihal Ege, Bariş Erbaş, Julius Kaplunov, Peter Wootton

Geometrical nonlinear dynamic analysis of tensegrity systems via the co-rotational formulation

Xiaodong Feng

Mechanics of flying buttresses: the case of the cathedral of Mallorca  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Paula Fuentes

Interaction of shear cracks in microstructured materials modeled by couple-stress elasticity

Panos A. Gourgiotis

Elastic moduli of boron nitride nanotubes based on finite element method

Hossein Hemmatian, Mohammad Reza Zamani, Jafar Eskandari Jam

Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of material parameters in crystal plasticity finite element models

Mikhail Khadyko, Jacob Sturdy, Stephane Dumoulin, Leif Rune Hellevik, Odd Sture Hopperstad

Tuning stress concentrations through embedded functionally graded shells

Xiaobao Li, Yiwei Hua, Chenyi Zheng, Changwen Mi

Formulas for the H$/$V ratio of Rayleigh waves in compressible pre-stressed elastic half-spaces

Pham Chi Vinh, Thanh Tuan Tran, Vu Thi Ngoc Anh, Hue Le

Circular-hole stress concentration analysis on glass-fiber-cotton reinforced MC-nylon

You Rui Tao, Ning Rui Li

Effect of interconnect linewidth on the evolution of intragranular microcracks due to surface diffusion in a gradient stress field and an electric field

Linyong Zhou, Peizhen Huang, Qiang Cheng