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Characterization of CNT Properties using Space-frame Structure

Muhammad Arif, Jacob Muthu

Seismic vulnerability of domes: a case study  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Concetta Cusano, Claudia Cennamo, Maurizio Angelillo

Prediction of Springback and residual stress of a beam/plate subjected to three-point bending

Quang Khoa Dang, Pei-Lun Chang, Shih-Kang Kuo, Dung-An Wang

Mechanics of flying buttresses: the case of the cathedral of Mallorca  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Paula Fuentes

Application of the hybrid complex variable method to the analysis of a crack at a piezoelectric-metal interface

Volodymyr Govorukha, Marc Kamlah

Stability and nonplanar postbuckling behavior of current-carrying microwires in a longitudinal magnetic field

Yuanzhuo Hong, Lin Wang, Hu-Liang Dai

Analytical approach to the problem of an auxetic layer under a spatially periodic load

Henryk Kamiński, Paweł Fritzkowski

Strain gradient fracture of a mode III crack in an elastic layer on a substrate

Jine Li, Baolin Wang

Growth-induced instabilities of an elastic film on a viscoelastic substrate: Analytical solution and computational approach via eigenvalue analysis

Iman Valizadeh, Paul Steinmann, Ali Javili

Three-Dimensional (3D) Trefftz Computational Grains (TCGs) for the Micromechanical Modeling of Heterogeneous Media with Coated Spherical Inclusions

Guannan Wang, Junbo Wang, Leiting Dong, Satya N. Atluri

Uniform stress resultants inside two non-elliptical inhomogeneities in isotropic laminated plates

Xu Wang, Liang Chen, Peter Schiavone

A mode-dependent energy-based damage model for peridynamics and its implementation

Christian Willberg, Lasse Wiedemann, Martin Rädel

An analytical solution for heat flux distribution of cylindrically orthotropic fiber reinforced composites with surface effect

Junhua Xiao, Yaoling Xu, Fucheng Zhang