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East Kenney, Lydia
The H-Linked Degree-Sum Parameter For Special Graph Families
Eckdahl, Todd
On counting limited outdegree grid digraphs and greatest increase grid digraphs
Eddy, Joseph
Free and very free morphisms into a Fermat hypersurface
Edgar, Thomas
Some combinatorics from Zeckendorf representations
Edlin, Linnea
On counting limited outdegree grid digraphs and greatest increase grid digraphs
Edwards, Craig
Irreducible divisor graphs for numerical monoids
Edwards, Olivia
Sets in $\mathbb{R}^d$ determining $k$ taxicab distances
Edwards, Stephanie
Egge, Eric
Domino tilings of Aztec diamonds, Baxter permutations, and Snow Leopard permutations
Eggert, William
Energy Minimizing Unit Vector Fields
Ehrke, John
Five-point boundary value problems for nth order differential equations by solution matching
Ek, Bryan
Intersecting Geodesics and Centrality in Graphs
Ekenta, Onyebuchi
Slide-and-swap permutation groups
Elandt, Victoria
Elderfield, Darien
On the faithfulness of the representation of Gl(n) on the space of curvature tensors
Elgin, Thomas
Universal Grobner bases of toric ideals of combinatorial neural codes
Elhamdadi, Mohamed
Fox coloring and the minimum number of colors
Elia, Marcus
On proofs of certain combinatorial identities
Ellers, Harald
Some nonsimple modules for centralizer algebras of the symmetric group
Ellingsen, Harold
Growth functions of finitely generated algebras
Ellingson, Ryan
Prime labelings of generalized Petersen graphs
Elliott, Rachel
Quantum Schubert polynomials for the G_2 flag manifold
Ellis, Jeremy
Filtering cohomology of ordinary and Lagrangian Grassmannians
Elrazik, Reyad
Polynomial Values in Fibonacci Sequences
Emlen, Cory
Endicott, Lauren
Engbers, John
Merging peg solitaire on graphs
Engel, Nicholas
Isomorphisms of graded skew Clifford algebras
Epelle, Gabrielle
A Mathematical Model of Treatment of Cancer Stem Cells with Immunotherapy
Erickson, Craig
Constructions of potentially eventually positive sign patterns with reducible positive part
Potentially eventually exponentially positive sign patterns
Erickson, Jared
Divisor concepts for mosaics of integers
Erickson, Samuel
Pattern avoidance in double lists
Ericson, Joshua
Effective resistance on graphs and the epidemic quasimetric
Ernst, Dana
Factorization of Temperley–Lieb diagrams
Prime vertex labelings of several families of graphs
Erskine, Andrew
Erwin, Ashton
New confidence intervals for the AR(1) parameter
Eslinger, Owen
Parameter identification and sensitivity analysis to a thermal diffusivity inverse problem
Estupiñan, Santiago
Generalized lattice point visibility in $\mathbb{N}^k$
Evangelista da Silveira, David
Existence of positive solutions for an approximation of stationary mean-field games
Evans, Panagiota
How false is Kempe's proof of the Four Color Theorem? (Part II)
Evert, Eric
Factor posets of frames and dual frames in finite dimensions
Evitts, Kyle
Tiling annular regions with skew and T-tetrominoes
Ezeaka, Ugonna
The financial value of knowing the distribution of stock prices in discrete market models