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One-point, hyperbolic-type metrics

Marina Borovikova, Zair Ibragimov, Miguel Jimenez Bravo, Alexandro Luna

Characterizing optimal point sets determining one distinct triangle

Hazel N. Brenner, James Depret-Guillaume, Eyvi Palsson, Robert Stuckey

Continuous factorization of the identity matrix

Yuying Dai, Ankush Hore, Siqi Jiao, Tianxu Lan, Pavlos Motakis

A series of series topologies on $\mathbb{N}$

Jason DeVito, Zach Parker

Almost Excellent Unique Factorization Domains

Sarah Fleming, Susan Loepp

Spherical half-designs of high order

Daniel Hughes, Shayne Waldron

A few more trees the symmetric chromatic function can distinguish

Jake Huryn, Sergei V. Chmutov

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

Analysis of steady states for classes of reaction-diffusion equations with hump-shaped density dependent dispersal on the boundary

Quinn Morris, Jessica Nash, Catherine Payne

Solutions of periodic boundary value problems

R. Aadith, Paras Gupta, Jaganmohan Jonnalagadda

Low stages of the Taylor tower for r-immersions

Bridget Schreiner, Franjo Sarcevic, Ismar Volić

A new go-to sampler for Bayesian probit regression

Scott Simmons, Elizabeth McGuffey, Douglas VanDerwerken