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Realizing Artin-Schreier covers with minimal a-numbers in positive characteristic

Fiona Abney-McPeek, Hugo Berg, Jeremy Booher, Sun Mee Choi, Viktor Fukala, Miroslav Marinov, Theo Müller, Paweł Narkiewicz, Rachel Pries, Nancy Xu, Andrew Yuan

A real-world Markov chain arising in recreational volleyball

David J. Aldous, Madelyn Cruz

Differentiation operator on discrete function spaces of a tree

Robert F. Allen, Colin M. Jackson

Constructing unramified extensions over quadratic fields

Misato Aoki, Masanari Kida

Bounds on the Hausdorff measure of level-N Sierpinski gaskets

Andrea Arauza Rivera, Edwin Lin

Milnor invariants of sorting networks.

Maxim Arnold, Christian Kondor

The $\alpha\beta$-construction of magic hypercubes

Joshua Arroyo, Leanne Holder

Spanning trees of descendants of a complete graph

Derya Asaner, Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, Maryam Siddique

On perfect bases in finite Abelian groups

Béla Bajnok, Connor Berson, Hoang Anh Just

Sums of quaternion squares and a theorem of Watson

Tim Banks, Spencer Hamblen, Tim Sherwin, Sal Wright

A note on asymptotic behavior of critical Galton-Watson processes with immigration

Mátyás Barczy, Dániel Bezdány, Gyula Pap

Extensions of Rolle's theorem

Laura Batts, Megan Moran, Courtney K. Taylor

A novel regularization for higher accuracy in the solution of 3D Stokes flow

J. Thomas Beale, Christina Jones, Jillian Reale, Svetlana Tlupova

Peg solitaire on graphs with jumping and merging allowed

Robert A. Beeler, Amanda Kilby

Universal Grobner bases of toric ideals of combinatorial neural codes

Melissa Beer, Robert Davis, Thomas Elgin, Matthew Hertel, Kira Laws, Rajinder Mavi, Paula Mercurio, Alexandra Newlon

Discordant sets and ergodic Ramsey theory

Vitaly Bergelson, Jake Huryn, Rushil Raghavan

On a series of Ramanujan, dilogarithm values, and solitons

Khristo N. Boyadzhiev, Steven Manns

Uniform subsequential estimates on weakly null sequences

Milena Brixey, Ryan M. Causey, Patrick Frankart

Arithmetic properties of Schur-type overpartitions

Isaac A. Broudy, Jeremy Lovejoy

Applying iterated mapping to the no-three-in-a-line problem

Cole Brower, Vadim Ponomarenko

Periodic Neural Codes and Sound Localization in Barn Owls

Lindsey S. Brown, Carina Curto

Catalan recursion on externally ordered bases of unit interval positroids

Jan Tracy Camacho, Anastasia Chavez

The tunnel number of all 11 and 12 crossing alternating knots

Felipe Castellano-Macías, Nicholas Owad

The set of k-units modulo n

John H. Castillo, Jhony Fernando Caranguay Mainquez

Hitting time of Brownian motion subject to shear flow

Despina Chouliara, Yishu Gong, Siming He, Alexander Kiselev, James Lim, Omar Melikechi, Keenan Powers

Convergence of random polygon sequences

Incheoul Chung, Xingping Sun

Continuous guessing games with two secret numbers

David Clark, Nicholas Layman

Ribbonlength of families of folded ribbon knots

Elizabeth Denne, John Carr Haden, Troy Larsen, Emily Meehan

On the coefficients in an asymptotic expansion of $(1+1/x)^x$

T. M. Dunster, Jessica M. Perez

The 334-triangle graph of SL_3(Z)

Eric S. Egge, Michaela A. Polley

Jet graphs

Federico Galetto, Elisabeth Helmick, Molly Walsh

Groups of units of Zp[x] Modulo f(x)

Joseph Gallian, David Petrie Moulton, Karlee Westrem

A $p$-adic approach to singular moduli on Shimura curves

Sofia Giampietro, Henri Darmon

Family sizes for complete multipartite graphs

Danielle Gregg, Thomas Mattman, Zachary Porat, George Todd

Note on prime labeling k-partite k-graphs

Arran Hamm, Jessica Hamm, Alan Way

Petal projections, knot colorings and determinants

Allison Henrich, Robin Truax

Quasi-Einstein metrics on sphere bundles

Solomon Huang, Thomas Murphy, Thanh Nhan Phan

Periodic points and tail lengths of split polynomial maps modulo primes

Benjamin Hutz, Teerth Patel

Monogenic fields arising from trinomials

Ryan Ibarra, Henry Lembeck, Mohammad Ozaslan, Hanson Smith, Katherine E. Stange

One-dimensional topological theories with defects and linear generating functions

Mee Seong Im, Paul Zimmer

A look at generalized perfect shuffles

Samuel Johnson, Lakshman Manny, Cornelia A. Van Cott, Qiyu Zhang

Neural codes with three maximal codewords: Convexity and minimal embedding dimension

Katherine Johnston, Anne Shiu, Clare Spinner

Upper bounds for totally symmetric sets

Kevin Kordek, Lily Qiao Li, Caleb Partin

Finding structure in sequences of real numbers via graph theory: a problem list

Dana G. Korssjoen, Biyao Li, Stefan Steinerberger, Raghavendra Tripathi, Ruimin Zhang

Phase transition for a family of complex-driven Loewner hulls

Joan Lind, Jeffrey Utley

A note on Bridgeland stability conditions and Catalan numbers

Jason Lo, Karissa Wong

Rank bias for elliptic curves mod p

Kimball Martin, Thomas Pharis

Filtering cohomology of ordinary and Lagrangian Grassmannians

Victor Reiner, Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Huda Ahmed, Chen Zijian, Rasiel Chishti, Yu-Cheng Chiu, Jeremy Ellis, Eunice Sukarto, David Fang, Michael Feigen, Jonathan Feigert, Mabel González, Dylan Harker, Jiaye Wei, Bhavna Joshi, Gandhar Kulkarni, Zhen Liu, Ma Mingyang, Leonard Mendez Villamil, Lance Myers, Arjun Nigam, Zijian Rong, Tudor Popescu, Chuanyi Wang, Ajmain Yamin, Jeffery Yu, Matthew Yu, Andy Zhang, Ziye Zhu

Vector semi-inner products

Kyle Rose, Christopher Schwanke, Zachary Ward

A variational framework for second order backward discrete boundary value problems

Liancheng Wang, Min Wang, James Zhang