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Closed geodesics on doubled polygons

Ian Adelstein, Adam Fong

Asymptotic expansion of Warlimont functions on Wright semigroups

Marco Aldi, Hanqiu Tan

A logistic two-sex model with mate-finding Allee effect

Elizabeth Anderson, Daniel Maxin, Jared Ott, Gwyneth Terrett

Some combinatorics from Zeckendorf representations

Tyler Ball, Rachel Chaiser, Dean Dustin, Tom Edgar, Paul Lagarde

Sign pattern matrices that allow inertia $\mathbb{S}_{n}$

Adam Berliner, Derek DeBlieck, Deepak Shah

The monochromatic column problem with a prime number of colors

Loran Crowell, Steve Szabo

The Supersingularity of Hurwitz Curves

Erin Dawson, Henry Frauenhoff, Michael Lynch, Amethyst Price, Seamus Somerstep, Eric Work, Dean Bisogno, Rachel Pries

Benford's Law Beyond Independence: Tracking Benford Behavior in Copula Models

Rebecca Durst, Steven J. Miller

Unoriented Links and the Jones Polynomial

Sandy Ganzell, Janet Huffman, Leslie Mavrakis, Kaitlin Tademy, Griffin Walker

The Linking-Unlinking Game

Adam Giambrone, Jake Murphy

A systematic development of Jeans' criterion with rotation for gravitational instabilities

Kohl Gill, David J. Wollkind, Bonni J. Dichone

On the Hadwiger number of Kneser graphs and their random subgraphs

Arran Hamm, Kristen Melton

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

Toward a Nordhaus-Gaddum Inequality for the Number of Dominating Sets

Lauren Keough, David Shane

On some obstructions of flag vector pairs $(f_1, f_{04})$ of $5$-polytopes

Jin Hong Kim, Hye Cho

Edge-Transitive Graphs and Combinatorial Designs

Darren A. Narayan, Adam Gregory, Hector Miranda, Heather A. Newman

On generalizing happy numbers to fractional base number systems

Enrique TreviƱo, Mikita Zhylinski

A Binary Unrelated Question RRT Model Accounting for Untruthful Responding

Amber Young, Sat N. Gupta, Ryan Parks