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Qualitative investigation of cytolytic and noncytolytic immune response in a HBV model

John Alford, Stephen McCoy

Decline of pollinators and attractiveness of the plants

Leila Alickovic, Chang-Hee Bae, William Mai, Jan Rychtář, Dewey Taylor

Sets in $\mathbb{R}^d$ determining $k$ taxicab distances

Vajresh Balaji, Olivia Edwards, Anne Marie Loftin, Solomon Mcharo, Lo Phillips, Alex Rice, Bineyam Tsegaye

Stability and asymptotic analysis of the Follmer-Schweizer decomposition on a finite probability space

Sarah Boese, Tracy Cui, Samuel Johnston, Gianmarco Molino, Oleksii Mostovyi

Sharp sectional curvature bounds and a new proof of the spectral theorem

Maxine Calle, Corey Dunn

Covering numbers and Schlicht functions

Philippe Drouin, Thomas Ransford

A Cheeger inequality for graphs based on a reflection principle

Edward Gelernt, Diana Halikias, Charles Kenney, Nicholas Marshall

Existence of multiple solutions to a discrete boundary value problem with mixed periodic boundary conditions

Kimberly Howard, Long Wang, Min Wang

A group labeling version of the lights out game

Joseph Jones, Darren B. Parker, Vasily Zadorozhnyy

Linkages of calcium induced calcium release in a cardiomyocyte simulated by a system of seven coupled partial differential equations

Gerson C. Kroiz, Carlos Barajas, Matthias K. Gobbert, Bradford E. Peercy

Conjugation diameter of the symmetric groups

Assaf Libman, Charlotte Tarry

Uniqueness of a three-dimensional stochastic differential equation

Carl Mueller, Giang Truong

Simple graphs of order 12 and minimum degree 6 contain K_6 minors

Ryan Odeneal, Andrei Pavelescu

Eigenvalues of the sum and product of anticommuting matrices

Vadim Ponomarenko, Louis Selstad

Total Difference Chromatic Numbers of Graphs

Ranjan Rohatgi, Yufei Zhang

Hyperbolic triangular prisms with one ideal vertex

Corinne G. Roth, Grant S. Lakeland

On the sandpile group of Eulerian series-parallel graphs

Kyle Weishaar, Jim Seibert