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On the joint evolution problem for a scalar field and its singularity

Aditya Agashe, Ethan Lee, Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh

Euclidean and affine curve reconstruction

Jose Agudelo, Brooke Dippold, Ian Klein, Alex Kokot, Eric Geiger, Irina A. Kogan

A quantum metric on the Cantor Space

Konrad Aguilar, Alejandra López

Ambiguous solutions of a Pell equation

Amir Akbary, Forrest Francis

A partial classification of local rings of order $p^6$

Connor Akers, Steve Szabo

Lattice size in higher dimension

Abdulrahman Alajmi, Sayok Chakravarty, Zachary Kaplan, Jenya Soprunova

New ordering methods to construct contagious sets and degenerate subgraphs

Connor Anderson, Akshaj Balasubramanian, Henry Poskanzer, Daniel Reichman, Gábor N. Sárközy

The isoperimetric inequality for convex subsets of the sphere

Farhan Azad, Thomas Beck, Karolina Lokaj

Higher dimensional origami constructions

Deveena Banerjee, Sara Chari, Adriana Salerno

Characterization of sets $K$ for which $H^{\infty}_K(\mathbb{D})$ is an algebra

Debendra P. Banjade, Jeremiah Dunivin

Comparing embedded graphs using average branching distance

Levent Batakci, Abigail Branson, Bryan Castillo, Candace Todd, Erin Chambers, Elizabeth Munch

Number of triangulations of a Möbius strip

Véronique Bazier-Matte, Ruiyan Huang, Hanyi Luo

New normal forms for degree three polynomials and rational functions

Heidi Benham, Alexander Galarraga, Benjamin Hutz, Joey Lupo, Wayne Peng, Adam Towsley

Total difference labeling of regular infinite graphs

Noam Benson-Tilsen, Samuel Brock, Brandon Faunce, Monish Kumar, Noah Stein, Joshua Zelinsky

A generalization of a theorem about gapsets with depth at most three

Matheus Bernardini, Patrick Melo

An algebraic-coding equivalence to the maximum distance separable conjecture

Safal Bora, Steven Damelin, Daniel Kaiser, Jeffrey Sun

On strong shift equivalence for row-finite graphs and C*-algebras

Kevin Aguyar Brix, Pete Gautam

Local solubility for a family of quadrics over a split quadric surface

Tim Browning, Julian Lyczak, Roman Sarapin

Linear maps preserving the Lorentz spectrum of $\mathbf{3 \times 3}$ matrices

Maria I. Bueno, Ben Faktor, Rhea Kommerell, Runze Li, Joey Veltri

Failed power domination in grids, cylinders, and tori

Isabel T. Byrne, Gretchen L. Matthews, Nikita M. Patel, Anuradha G. Trivedi, Margaret A. Winslow

An issue of guaranteed representation in a variant of Hamilton's method

Graham Chambers-Wall, David McCune

Gluing of graphs and their Jacobians

Alessandro Chilelli, Jaiung Jun

The non-vanishing of the trace of T3

Liubomir Chiriac, Daphne Kurzenhauser, Eric Williams

Edge determining sets and determining index

Sally Cockburn, Sean McAvoy

On $(t,r)$ broadcast domination of certain grid graphs

Natasha Crepeau, Pamela E. Harris, Sean Hays, Marissa Loving, Joseph Rennie, Gordon Rojas Kirby, Alexandro Vasquez

Strong topological transitivity, hypermixing, and their relationships with other dynamical properties

Ian Curtis, Sean Griswold, Abigail Halverson, Eric Stilwell, Sarah Teske, David Walmsley, Shaozhe Wang

A note on positive bilinear maps

Aaron C. H. Davey, Cristian Ivanescu, Adi Tcaciuc

Very well-covered graphs with the Erdős-Ko-Rado property

Jessica De Silva, Adam B. Dionne, Aidan Dunkelberg, Pamela E. Harris

Specht modules for Partitions (k,3,3) have no one-dimensional summand

Craig J. Dodge, Elijah Van Vlack

On good infinite families of toric codes or the lack thereof

Mallory Dolorfino, Cordelia Horch, Kelly Jabbusch, Ryan Martinez

Symmetric Fibonaccian distributive lattices and representations of the special linear Lie algebras

Robert G. Donnelly, Molly W. Dunkum, Sasha Malone, Alexandra Nance

A r^p-weighted local energy approach to global existence for null form semilinear wave equations

Michael Facci, Alex Mcentarrfer, Jason Metcalfe

The adjacency spectra of some families of minimally connected prime graphs

Chris Florez, Jonathan Higgins, Kyle Huang, Thomas Michael Keller, Dawei Shen

The geometry of some Fibonacci identities in the Hosoya triangle

Rigoberto Flórez, Robinson A. Higuita, Antara Mukherjee

Complete minors in complements of non-separating planar graphs

Leonard Fowler, Gregory Li, Andrei Pavelescu

Surface area of equifacetal polytopes inscribed in the unit sphere $\mathbb{S}^2$

Nicolas Freeman, Steven Hoehner, Jeff Ledford, David Pack, Brandon Walters

Cones and ping-pong in three dimensions

Gabriel Frieden, Félix Gélinas, Étienne Soucy

On fan saturated graphs

Jessica Fuller, Ronald Gould

Klein bottles in lens spaces

Hansjörg Geiges, Norman Thies

Decompositions of even hypercubes into cycles whose length is a power of two

Samuel Gibson, David Offner

Enumeration of symmetric arc diagrams

Juan B. Gil, Luis E. Lopez

Patterns in variations of the Fibonacci sequence

Daniel Gotshall, Dawn Nelson

Some results on LCTR, an impartial game on partitions

Eric Gottlieb, Jelena Ilić, Matjaž Krnc

Structural properties of group power digraphs

Ben Grant, Robert Ireland, E. Koenig, Adam Wood

Tile based modeling of DNA self-assembly for two graph families with appended paths

Chloe Griffin, Jessica Sorrells

Pairs of disjoint matchings and related classes of graphs

Huizheng Guo, Kieran Kaempen, Zhengda Mo, Samuel Qunell, Joseph Rogge, Chao Song, Anush Tserunyan, Jenna Zomback

Bounding the even abelian composition factors in finite linear groups

Awildo Gutierrez, Yuqiao Huang, Duncan Peckham, Yong Yang

Automorphism groups of half cubes

Richard H. Hammack, Benjamin B. MacKinnon

Visualizing the support of Kostant's weight multiplicity formula for the rank two Lie algebras

Pamela E. Harris, Marissa Loving, Juan Ramirez, Joseph Rennie, Gordon Rojas Kirby, Eduardo Torres Davila, Fabrice O. Ulysse

Finite time blowup for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a delta potential

Brandon Hauser, John M. Holmes, Eoghan O'Keefe, Sarah Raynor, Chuanyang Yu

A local energy estimate for 2-dimensional Dirichlet wave equations

Kellan Hepditch, Jason Metcalfe

The Frobenius number of a family of numerical semigroups of embedding dimension five

Kurt Herzinger, Emelia McLaughlin, Julie Trimber

The elliptical case of an odds inversion problem

Kieran Hilmer, Angela Jin, Ron Lycan, Vadim Ponomarenko

The number of representations of $n$ as a growing number of squares

John Holley-Reid, Jeremy Rouse

Uniformly sparse graphs and matrices

Charles R. Johnson, Wenxuan Ding, Yuqiao Li

Ribbon knots with different symmetric union presentations

Taizo Kanenobu, Shuhei Yoshikawa

Bounding the list color function threshold from above

Hemanshu Kaul, Akash Kumar, Andrew Liu, Jeffrey A. Mudrock, Patrick Rewers, Paul Shin, Michael Tanahara, Khue To

Longest and shortest factorizations in embedding dimension three

Baian Liu, JiaYan Yap

On matroids from self-orthogonal codes and their properties

Weston Loucks, Bahattin Yildiz

Monodromy groups of Dessins d’Enfant on rational triangular billiards surfaces

Madison Mabe, Richard A. Moy, Jason Schmurr, Japheth Varlack

Positive expansions of extended Schur functions in the Young quasisymmetric Schur basis

Chloe' Marcum, Elizabeth Niese

Two-point functions and constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^3$

Peter McGrath, Everett Meekins

Learning a performance metric of Buchberger’s algorithm

Jelena Mojsilović, Dylan Peifer, Sonja Petrović

Large 1-systems of curves in non-orientable surfaces

Sarah Ruth Nicholls, Nancy Scherich, Julia Shneidman

Almost strongly unital rings

Greg Oman, Evan Senkoff

Short-interval sector problems for CM elliptic curves

Apoorva Panidapu, Jesse Thorner

Galois action and cyclic defect groups for Sp_6(2^a)

Andrew Peña, Frank Pryor, Amanda A. Schaeffer Fry

Parity of polynomial multiplier sequences for the Chebyshev basis

Andrzej Piotrowski, Joshua Shterenberg

Colourability of graphs representing the Lucas series modulo $t$

James F. Preen, Claire McGillivray

Biological models, monotonicity methods, and solving a discrete reaction-diffusion equation

Carson Rodriguez, Stephen B. Robinson

A new proof of the $\lambda_g$ conjecture in genus 2

Taylor Rogers, Renzo Cavalieri

Explicit lower bound of the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on Kahler manifolds

Benjamin Rutkowski, Shoo Seto

On the spectral properties of the quantum cohomology of odd quadrics

Ryan M. Shifler, Stephanie Warman

A lower bound on the failed zero forcing number of a graph

Eric Ufferman, Nicolas Swanson

A variational framework for second order backward discrete boundary value problems

Liancheng Wang, Min Wang, James Zhang

Representations of integers by powers of two primes

Mckenzie West, Natalie Wijesinghe

The linear Lugiato-Lefever equation with forcing and nonzero periodic or nonperiodic boundary conditions

Joseph Wimmergren, Dionyssios Mantzavinos