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Minimizing closed geodesics on polygons and disks

Ian Adelstein, Arthur Azvolinsky, Joshua Hinman, Alexander Schlesinger

Eta-quotients of prime or semiprime level and elliptic curves

Michael Allen, Nicholas Anderson, Asimina Hamakiotes, Ben Oltsik, Holly Swisher

Squarefree divisor complexes of certain numerical semigroup elements

Jackson Autry, Paige Graves, Jessie Loucks, Christopher O'Neill, Vadim Ponomarenko, Samuel Yih

The first digit of the discriminant of Eisenstein polynomials as an invariant of totally ramified extensions of p-adic fields

Chad Awtrey, Alexander Gaura, Sebastian Pauli, Sandi Rudzinski, Ariel Uy, Scott Zinzer

Minimal flag triangulations of lower-dimensional manifolds

Christin Bibby, Andrew Odesky, Mengmeng Wang, Shuyang Wang, Ziyi Zhang, Hailun Zheng

Stability and asymptotic analysis of the Follmer-Schweizer decomposition on a finite probability space

Sarah Boese, Tracy Cui, Samuel Johnston, Gianmarco Molino, Oleksii Mostovyi

Conjecture O holds for some horospherical varieties of Picard rank 1

Lela Bones, Garrett Fowler, Lisa Schneider, Ryan M. Shifler

Condensed Ricci curvature of complete and strongly regular graphs

Vincent Bonini, Conor Carroll, Uyen Dinh, Sydney Dye, Joshua Frederick, Erin Pearse

The Chabauty space of $\mathbb{Q}_p^\times$

Antoine Bourquin, Alain J. Valette

Disagreement networks

Florin Catrina, Brian Zilli

Isomorphisms of graded skew Clifford algebras

Richard Chandler, Nicholas Engel

Some new Gompertz fractional difference equations

Tom Cuchta, Brooke Fincham

Counting pseudo progressions

Jay Cummings, Quin Darcy, Natalie Hobson, Drew Horton, Keith Rhodewalt, Morgan Throckmorton, Ry Ulmer-Strack

Peg solitaire in three colors on graphs

Tara Davis, Alexxis De Lamere, Gustavo Sopena, Roberto Soto, Sonali Vyas, Melissa Wong

Combinatorial random knots

Andrew Ducharme, Emily Peters

Structure constants of U(sl2)

Alexia Gourley, Christopher Kennedy

Existence of multiple solutions to a discrete boundary value problem with mixed periodic boundary conditions

Kimberly Howard, Long Wang, Min Wang

Conjugation diameter of the symmetric groups

Assaf Libman, Charlotte Tarry

Growth series for graphs

Walter Liu, Richard Scott

Set-valued domino tableaux and shifted set-valued domino tableaux

Florence Maas-Gariépy, Rebecca Patrias

Simple graphs of order 12 and minimum degree 6 contain K_6 minors

Ryan Odeneal, Andrei Pavelescu

Rings whose subrings have an identity

Greg Oman, John Stroud

Polynomial Values in Fibonacci Sequences

Adi Ostrov, Danny Neftin, Avi Berman, Reyad Elrazik

A group labeling version of the lights out game

Darren B. Parker, Vasily Zadorozhnyy

Counting profile strings from rectangular tilings

Anthony Petrosino, Alissa Schembor, Kathryn Haymaker

Eigenvalues of the sum and product of anticommuting matrices

Vadim Ponomarenko, Louis Selstad

On equidistant polytopes in the euclidean space

Csaba Vincze, Márk Oláh, Letícia Lengyel