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A logistic two-sex model with mate-finding Allee effect

Elizabeth Anderson, Daniel Maxin, Jared Ott, Gwyneth Terrett

Split Grothendieck rings of rooted trees and skew shapes via monoid representations

David Beers, Matt Szczesny

On the classification of Specht modules with one-dimensional summands

Aubrey Collins, Craig Dodge

The monochromatic column problem with a prime number of colors

Loran Crowell, Steve Szabo

Continuous factorization of the identity matrix

Yuying Dai, Ankush Hore, Siqi Jiao, Tianxu Lan, Pavlos Motakis

The Supersingularity of Hurwitz Curves

Erin Dawson, Henry Frauenhoff, Michael Lynch, Amethyst Price, Seamus Somerstep, Eric Work, Dean Bisogno, Rachel Pries

On the zero-sum group-magicness of cartesian products

Adam Fong, John Georges, David Mauro, Dylan Spagnuolo, John Wallace, Shufan Wang, Kirsti Wash

Unoriented Links and the Jones Polynomial

Sandy Ganzell, Janet Huffman, Leslie Mavrakis, Kaitlin Tademy, Griffin Walker

Multicast triangular semilattice network

Angelina Grosso, Felice Manganiello, Shiwani Varal, Emily Zhu

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

Total Roman domination edge-critical graphs

Chloe Lampman, Kieka Mynhardt, Shannon Ogden

Nonsplit module extensions over the one-sided inverse of k[x]

Zheping Lu, Linhong Wang, Xingting Wang

Analysis of steady states for classes of reaction-diffusion equations with hump-shaped density dependent dispersal on the boundary

Quinn Morris, Jessica Nash, Catherine Payne

Edge-Transitive Graphs and Combinatorial Designs

Darren A. Narayan, Adam Gregory, Hector Miranda, Heather A. Newman

Solutions of periodic boundary value problems

R. Aadith, Paras Gupta, Jaganmohan Jonnalagadda

The variable exponent Bernoulli differential equation

Karen Rios-Soto, Carlos Seda-Damiani, Alejandro Velez-Santiago