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Realizing Artin-Schreier covers with minimal a-numbers in positive characteristic

Fiona Abney-McPeek, Hugo Berg, Jeremy Booher, Sun Mee Choi, Viktor Fukala, Miroslav Marinov, Theo Müller, Paweł Narkiewicz, Rachel Pries, Nancy Xu, Andrew Yuan

Ambiguous solutions of a Pell equation

Amir Akbary, Forrest Francis

A partial classification of local rings of order $p^6$

Connor Akers, Steve Szabo

New ordering methods to construct contagious sets and degenerate subgraphs

Connor Anderson, Akshaj Balasubramanian, Henry Poskanzer, Daniel Reichman, Gábor N. Sárközy

Bounds on the Hausdorff measure of level-N Sierpinski gaskets

Andrea Arauza Rivera, Edwin Lin

The $\alpha\beta$-construction of magic hypercubes

Joshua Arroyo, Leanne Holder

Spanning trees of descendants of a complete graph

Derya Asaner, Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, Maryam Siddique

Elliptic Harnack inequality for ${\mathbb{Z}}^d$

Siva Athreya, Nitya Gadhiwala, Ritvik R. Radhakrishnan

The isoperimetric inequality for convex subsets of the sphere

Farhan Azad, Thomas Beck, Karolina Lokaj

On perfect bases in finite Abelian groups

Béla Bajnok, Connor Berson, Hoang Anh Just

The pigeonhole principle and multicolor Ramsey numbers

Vishal Balaji, Powers Lamb, Andrew Lott, Dhruv Patel, Alex Rice, Sakshi Singh, Christine Rose Ward

Higher dimensional origami constructions

Deveena Banerjee, Sara Chari, Adriana Salerno

Comparing embedded graphs using average branching distance

Levent Batakci, Abigail Branson, Bryan Castillo, Candace Todd, Erin Chambers, Elizabeth Munch

Extensions of Rolle's theorem

Laura Batts, Megan Moran, Courtney K. Taylor

A novel regularization for higher accuracy in the solution of 3D Stokes flow

J. Thomas Beale, Christina Jones, Jillian Reale, Svetlana Tlupova

Peg solitaire on graphs with jumping and merging allowed

Robert A. Beeler, Amanda Kilby

An exploration of Nathanson's $g$-adic representations of integers

Greg Bell, Austin Lawson, Neil Pritchard, Dan Yasaki

A generalization of a theorem about gapsets with depth at most three

Matheus Bernardini, Patrick Melo

On a series of Ramanujan, dilogarithm values, and solitons

Khristo N. Boyadzhiev, Steven Manns

Arithmetic properties of Schur-type overpartitions

Isaac A. Broudy, Jeremy Lovejoy

Local solubility for a family of quadrics over a split quadric surface

Tim Browning, Julian Lyczak, Roman Sarapin

Fair pricing and hedging under small perturbations of the numéraire on a finite probability space

William Busching, Delphine Hintz, Oleksii Mostovyi, Alexey Pozdnyakov

Spectral properties of the exponential distance matrix

Steve Butler, Elizabeth Cooper, Aaron Li, Kate Lorenzen, Zoe Schopick

Concerning three classes of non-Diophantine arithmetics

Michele Caprio, Andrea Aveni, Sayan Mukherjee

The set of k-units modulo n

John H. Castillo, Jhony Fernando Caranguay Mainguez

Gluing of graphs and their Jacobians

Alessandro Chilelli, Jaiung Jun

Convergence of random polygon sequences

Incheoul Chung, Xingping Sun, Songfeng Zheng

Synthetic geometry in hyperbolic simplices

Andrew Clickard, Barry Minemyer

Very well-covered graphs with the Erdős-Ko-Rado property

Jessica De Silva, Adam B. Dionne, Aidan Dunkelberg, Pamela E. Harris

Ribbonlength of families of folded ribbon knots

Elizabeth Denne, John Carr Haden, Troy Larsen, Emily Meehan

Symmetric Fibonaccian distributive lattices and representations of the special linear Lie algebras

Robert G. Donnelly, Molly W. Dunkum, Sasha Malone, Alexandra Nance

The 334-triangle graph of SL_3(Z)

Eric S. Egge, Michaela A. Polley

Null vectors, Schur complements, and Parter vertices

Shaun Fallat, Johnna Parenteau

Geometric interpretations in the Hosoya triangle of some Fibonacci identities

Rigoberto Flórez, Robinson A. Higuita, Antara Mukherjee

Groups of units of Zp[x] Modulo f(x)

Joseph Gallian, David Petrie Moulton, Karlee Westrem

A $p$-adic approach to singular moduli on Shimura curves

Sofia Giampietro, Henri Darmon

Enumeration of symmetric arc diagrams

Juan B. Gil, Luis E. Lopez

Patterns in variations of the Fibonacci sequence

Daniel Gotshall, Dawn Nelson

Family sizes for complete multipartite graphs

Danielle Gregg, Thomas Mattman, Zachary Porat, George Todd

Tile based modeling of DNA self-assembly for two graph families with appended paths

Chloe Griffin, Jessica Sorrells

Pairs of disjoint matchings and related classes of graphs

Huizheng Guo, Kieran Kaempen, Zhengda Mo, Samuel Qunell, Joseph Rogge, Chao Song, Anush Tserunyan, Jenna Zomback

Bounding the products of the even Abelian composition factors in finite linear groups

Awildo Gutierrez, Yuqiao Huang, Duncan Peckham, Yong Yang

Note on prime labeling k-partite k-graphs

Arran Hamm, Jessica Hamm, Alan Way

Automorphism groups of half cubes

Richard H. Hammack, Benjamin B. MacKinnon

A local normal form for Hamiltonian actions of compact semisimple Poisson-Lie groups

Megumi Harada, Jeremy Lane, Aidan Patterson

Petal projections, knot colorings and determinants

Allison Henrich, Robin Truax

The elliptical case of an odds inversion problem

Kieran Hilmer, Angela Jin, Ron Lycan, Vadim Ponomarenko

Quasi-Einstein metrics on sphere bundles

Solomon Huang, Thomas Murphy, Thanh Nhan Phan

Periodic points and tail lengths of split polynomial maps modulo primes

Benjamin Hutz, Teerth Patel

Monogenic fields arising from trinomials

Ryan Ibarra, Henry Lembeck, Mohammad Ozaslan, Hanson Smith, Katherine E. Stange

One-dimensional topological theories with defects and linear generating functions

Mee Seong Im, Paul Zimmer

Neural codes with three maximal codewords: Convexity and minimal embedding dimension

Katherine Johnston, Anne Shiu, Clare Spinner

Ribbon knots with different symmetric union presentations

Taizo Kanenobu, Shuhei Yoshikawa

Reeb flows without simple global surfaces of section

Juno Kim, Yonghwan Kim, Otto van Koert

Finding structure in sequences of real numbers via graph theory: a problem list

Dana G. Korssjoen, Biyao Li, Stefan Steinerberger, Raghavendra Tripathi, Ruimin Zhang

Phase transition for a family of complex-driven Loewner hulls

Joan Lind, Jeffrey Utley

A note on Bridgeland stability conditions and Catalan numbers

Jason Lo, Karissa Wong

On matroids from self-orthogonal codes and their properties

Weston Loucks, Bahattin Yildiz

A ternary additive problem involving fractional powers

Raymond Luo, Gang Yu

Monodromy groups of Dessins d’Enfant on rational triangular billiards surfaces

Madison Mabe, Richard A. Moy, Jason Schmurr, Japheth Varlack

Rank bias for elliptic curves mod p

Kimball Martin, Thomas Pharis

Two-point functions and constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^3$

Peter McGrath, Everett Meekins

Learning a performance metric of Buchberger’s algorithm

Jelena Mojsilović, Dylan Peifer, Sonja Petrović

Large 1-systems of curves in non-orientable surfaces

Sarah Ruth Nicholls, Nancy Scherich, Julia Shneidman

Short-interval sector problems for CM elliptic curves

Apoorva Panidapu, Jesse Thorner

Filtering cohomology of ordinary and Lagrangian Grassmannians

Victor Reiner, Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Chen Zijian, Rasiel Chishti, Yu-Cheng Chiu, Jeremy Ellis, Eunice Sukarto, David Fang, Michael Feigen, Jonathan Feigert, Mabel González, Dylan Harker, Jiaye Wei, Bhavna Joshi, Gandhar Kulkarni, Zhen Liu, Ma Mingyang, Leonardo Méndez Villamil, Lance Myers, Arjun Nigam, Zijian Rong, Tudor Popescu, Chuanyi Wang, Ajmain Yamin, Jeffery Yu, Matthew Yu, Andy Zhang, Ziye Zhu, Kapil Lad

Vector semi-inner products

Kyle Rose, Christopher Schwanke, Zachary Ward

On the spectral properties of the quantum cohomology of odd quadrics

Ryan M. Shifler, Stephanie Warman

A variational framework for second order backward discrete boundary value problems

Liancheng Wang, Min Wang, James Zhang