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Gaff, Holly
Investigating cholera using an SIR model with age-class structure and optimal control
Galeota-Sprung, Jonah
On counting limited outdegree grid digraphs and greatest increase grid digraphs
Galetto, Federico
Galiffa, Daniel
An elementary approach to characterizing Sheffer A-type 0 orthogonal polynomial sequences
Gallian, Joseph
Groups of units of Zp[x] Modulo f(x)
The MAA undergraduate poster session 1991--2013
Gallot, Yves
The family of ternary cyclotomic polynomials with one free prime
Gangl, Herbert
Homophonic quotients of linguistic free groups: German, Korean, and Turkish
Ganzell, Sanford
Reidemeister moves in Gauss diagrams
Unoriented Links and the Jones Polynomial
Gapinski, Brian
Strong depth and quasi-geodesics in finitely generated groups
Garcia, Aldo
Solutions of boundary value problems at resonance with periodic and antiperiodic boundary conditions
Garcia, Eli
Classifying toric surface codes of dimension 7
Garcia, Xavier
Invariant measures for hybrid stochastic systems
García-Sánchez, Pedro
Homogenization of a nonsymmetric embedding-dimension-three numerical semigroup
When the catenary degree meets the tame degree in embedding dimension three numerical semigroups
Garrett, Kristina
A bijective proof of a $q$-analogue of the sum of cubes using overpartitions
Garton, Derek
A probabilistic heuristic for counting components of functional graphs of polynomials over finite fields
Garzilli, Immacolata
A numerical investigation on the asymptotic behavior of two delays Volterra discrete equations
Gates, Dante
New approximations for the area of the Mandelbrot
Gaura, Alexander
The first digit of the discriminant of Eisenstein polynomials as an invariant of totally ramified extensions of p-adic fields
Gauthier, Landon
A tale of two circles: geometry of a class of quartic polynomials
Gavin, Colin
Orbigraphs: a graph theoretic analog to Riemannian orbifolds
Geiser, Lauren
The number of fixed points of and-or networks with chain topology
Gelernt, Edward
A Cheeger inequality for graphs based on a reflection principle
Gelfert, Katrin
When winning sets have full dimension
Gemmer, John
Weak and strong solutions to the inverse-square brachistochrone problem on circular and annular domains
Genzlinger, Karenna
Sophie Germain primes and involutions of $\mathbb{Z}_n^\times$
George, Brandon
Patch and crossover planar dyadic wavelet sets
George, Craig
On the minimum of the mean-squared error in 2-means clustering
Georges, John
On the zero-sum group-magicness of cartesian products
Germick, Robert
Discrete time optimal control applied to pest control problems
Gethner, Ellen
How false is Kempe's proof of the Four Color Theorem? (Part II)
Getzen, Matt
On the cardinality of infinite symmetric groups
Ghang, Whan
The sharp log-Sobolev inequality on a compact interval
Giambrone, Adam
Giampietro, Sofia
A $p$-adic approach to singular moduli on Shimura curves
Giddings, Andrew
Arithmetic functions of higher order primes
Gill, Kohl
A systematic development of Jeans' criterion with rotation for gravitational instabilities
Gill, Tracy
Optional unrelated-question randomized response models
Gillespie, Maria
Gillette, Andrew
Numerical studies of serendipity and tensor product elements for eigenvalue problems
Gilliand, Sarah
Gillman, Rick
An extention of Young's segregation game
Divisor concepts for mosaics of integers
Glass, Julie
Coalitions and cliques in the school choice problem
Glavin, Kerry
Glover, Rebecca
Automatic growth series for right-angled Coxeter groups
Glover, William
A BMO Theorem for diffeomorphisms on R^D of small distortion an application to piano signature noise and beat
Goad, Lucas
Orbit spaces of linear circle actions
Gobbert, Matthias
Linkages of calcium induced calcium release in a cardiomyocyte simulated by a system of seven coupled partial differential equations
Gockenbach, Mark
Newton's law of heating and the heat equation
Godbole, Anant
A decade of undergraduate research for all East Tennessee State University mathematics majors
Goddard, Jerome
Ecological systems, nonlinear boundary conditions, and $\Sigma$-shaped bifurcation curves
Goebeler, Thomas
Isometric composition operators acting on the Chebyshev space
Goldsmith, Jeff
Dynamical properties of the derivative of the Weierstrass elliptic function
Golenbiewski, Kyle
Cost-Conscious Voters in Referendum Elections
Gomes, Diogo
Existence of positive solutions for an approximation of stationary mean-field games
Gomez, Jonathan
Co-circular relative equilibria of four vortices
Gonda, Jessica
Arranging kings k-dependently on hexagonal chessboards
Gong, Feixue
Explicit bounds for the pseudospectra of various classes of matrices and operators
Gong, Yishu
Hitting time of Brownian motion subject to shear flow
Gonzalez, Danielle
Intersecting Geodesics and Centrality in Graphs
González, Mabel
Filtering cohomology of ordinary and Lagrangian Grassmannians
González, Oscar
Generalized exponential sums and the power of computers
On the tree cover number of a graph
Goodchild, Sam
Local well-posedness of a nonlocal Burgers equation
Goodrich, Austin
New methods to find patches of invisible integer lattice points
Goren, Nurullah
Goryl, Kyle
Properties of RNA secondary structure matching models
Gotshall, Daniel
Gourley, Alexia
Graves, Paige
Squarefree divisor complexes of certain numerical semigroup elements
Gray, Daniel
Patterns in colored circular permutations
Greco, Abby
Numerical semigroup tree of multiplicities four and five
Greeson, Daniel
Descents and des-Wilf equivalence of permutations avoiding certain non-classical patterns
Gregory, Adam
Edge-Transitive Graphs and Combinatorial Designs
Grider, Rebecca
Convergence of the maximum zeros of a class of Fibonacci-type polynomials
Grigorchuk, Rostislav
The rank gradient and the Lamplighter Group
Grimm, Christopher
Weak and strong solutions to the inverse-square brachistochrone problem on circular and annular domains
Grindatti, Sean
Gross, Craig
Numerical studies of serendipity and tensor product elements for eigenvalue problems
Grosso, Angelina
Multicast triangular semilattice network
Gruet, Andrew
Congruence properties of $S$-partition functions
Grundmeier, Dusty
Properties of certain sparse circulant determinants
Guerra, Lauren
Betti numbers of order preserving graph homomorphisms
Guidotti, Thomas
Some generalizations of the ASR search algorithm for quasi-twisted codes
Guillen-Villalobos, Aaron
On some properties of the solution set of one of Wilker's inequalities for complex numbers
Gunderson, Ryan
Depths and Stanley depths of path ideals of spines
Guo, Chuya
Bounds for Fibonacci period growth
Gupta, Paras
Solutions of periodic boundary value problems
Gupta, Sat
A Binary Unrelated Question RRT Model Accounting for Untruthful Responding
An optional unrelated question RRT model
Optional unrelated-question randomized response models
Variations of the Greenberg unrelated question binary model
Gutierrez, Alexander
Co-circular relative equilibria of four vortices
Gwaltney, Ethan
On a Theorem of Besicovitch and a Problem in Ergodic Theory