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Closed geodesics on doubled polygons

Ian Adelstein, Adam Fong

Spectra of Kohn Laplacians on spheres

John Ahn, Mohit Bansil, Garrett Brown, Emilee Cardin, Yunus E. Zeytuncu

Asymptotic expansion of Warlimont functions on Wright semigroups

Marco Aldi, Hanqiu Tan

The financial value of knowing the distribution of stock prices in discrete market models

Ayelet Amiran, Fabrice Baudoin, Skylyn Brock, Berend Coster, Ryan Craver, Ugonna Ezeaka, Phanuel Mariano, Mary Wishart

Algorithms for classifying points in a 2-adic Mandelbrot set

Brandon Bate, Kyle Craft, Jonathon Yuly

Pairwise compatibility graphs: complete characterization for wheels

Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon, Serena Chen, Nathaniel Karst, Denise Sakai Troxell, Xudong Zheng

Weighted persistent homology

Greg Bell, Austin Lawson, Joshua Martin, James Rudzinski, Clifford Smyth

Covering numbers of upper triangular matrix rings over finite fields

Merrick Cai, Nicholas J. Werner

Shabat polynomials and monodromy groups of trees uniquely determined by ramification type

Naiomi Cameron, Mary Kemp, Susan Maslak, Gabrielle Melamed, Richard A. Moy, Jonathan Pham, Austin Wei

Leibniz algebras with low dimensional maximal lie quotients

William J. Cook, John Hall, Vicky Klima, Carter Murray

Truncated path algebras and Betti numbers of polynomial growth

Ryan Coopergard, Marju Purin

Orbit spaces of linear circle actions

Suzanne Craig, Naiche Downey, Lucas Goad, Michael J. Mahoney, Jordan Watts

Orbigraphs: a graph theoretic analog to Riemannian orbifolds

Kathleen Daly, Colin Gavin, Gabriel Montes de Oca, Diana Ochoa, Elizabeth Stanhope, Sam Stewart

Benford's Law Beyond Independence: Tracking Benford Behavior in Copula Models

Rebecca Durst, Steven J. Miller

On a Theorem of Besicovitch and a Problem in Ergodic Theory

Paul Hagelstein, Ethan Gwaltney, Daniel Herden, Brian King

On the Hadwiger number of Kneser graphs and their random subgraphs

Arran Hamm, Kristen Melton

Space-Efficient Knot Mosaics for Prime Knots with Mosaic Number 6

Aaron Heap, Douglas Knowles

Sidon sets and 2-caps in $\mathbb{F}_3^n$

Yixuan Huang, Michael Tait, Robert Won

Sparse neural codes and convexity

R. Amzi Jeffs, Mohamed Omar, Natchanon Suaysom, Aleina Wachtel, Nora Youngs

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

On some edge Folkman numbers small and large

Jenny Kaufmann, Henry J. Wickus, Stanislaw Radziszowski

Toward a Nordhaus-Gaddum Inequality for the Number of Dominating Sets

Lauren Keough, David Shane

Occurrence graphs of patterns in permutations

Bjarni Jens Kristinsson, Henning Ulfarsson

Positive solutions to singular second order boundary value problems for dynamic equations

Curtis Kunkel, Alex Lancaster

The number of rational points of hyperelliptic curves over subsets of finite fields

Kristina Nelson, József Solymosi, Foster Tom, Ching Wong

Nonstandard existence proofs for reaction diffusion equations

Connor Olson, Marshall Mueller, Sigurd B. Angenent

The Number of Fixed Points of AND-OR Networks with Chain Topology

Alan Veliz-Cuba, Lauren Geiser

Improving Multi-label Classification via Heterogeneous Ensemble Methods

Yujue Wu, Qing Wang

A Binary Unrelated Question RRT Model Accounting for Untruthful Responding

Amber Young, Sat N. Gupta, Ryan Parks