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Quantum metrics from traces on full matrix algebras

Konrad Aguilar, Samantha Brooker

Darboux calculus

Marco Aldi, Alexander McCleary

Properties of RNA secondary structure matching models

Nicole Anderson, Michael Breunig, Kyle Goryl, Hannah Lewis, Manda Riehl, McKenzie Scanlan

Lights out for graphs related to one another by constructions

Laura E. Ballard, Erica L. Budge, Darin R. Stephenson

An elliptic curve analogue to the Fermat numbers

Skye Binegar, Randy Dominick, Meagan Kenney, Jeremy Rouse, Alex Walsh

On the minimum of the mean-squared error in 2-means clustering

Bernhard G. Bodmann, Craig J. George

A countable space with an uncountable fundamental group

Jeremy Brazas, Luis Matos

Failure of strong approximation on an affine cone

Martin Bright, Ivo Kok

Associated Primes of H-wheels

Corey Brooke, Molly Hoch, Sabrina Lato, Janet Striuli, Bryan Wang

Nilpotent orbits for Borel subgroups of $SO_{5}(k)$

Madeleine Burkhart, David Vella

Solving Scramble Squares puzzles with repetitions

Jason Callahan, Maria Mota

On the preservation of properties by piecewise affine maps of locally compact groups

Serina Camungol, Matthew Morison, Skylar Nicol, Ross Stokke

Curves of constant curvature and torsion in the 3-sphere

Debraj Chakrabarti, Rahul Sahay, Jared Williams

Erd\H{o}s--Szekeres theorem for cyclic permutations

Éva Czabarka, Zhiyu Wang

A characterization of the sets of periods within shifts of finite type

Madeline Doering, Ronnie Pavlov

When is $a^{n} + 1$ the sum of two squares?

Gregory Dresden, Kylie Hess, Saimon Islam, Jeremy Rouse, Aaron Schmitt, Emily Stamm, Terrin Warren, Pan Yue

Homophonic quotients of linguistic free groups: German, Korean, and Turkish

Herbert Gangl, Gizem Karaali, Woohyung Lee

Bin decompositions

Daniel Gotshall, Pamela E. Harris, Dawn Nelson, Maria D. Vega, Cameron Voigt

Rigidity of Ulam sets and sequences

Joshua Hinman, Borys Kuca, Alexander Schlesinger, Arseniy Sheydvasser

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

Numerical secondary terms in a Cohen-Lenstra conjecture on real quadratic fields

Codie Lewis, Cassandra Williams

Toeplitz subshifts with trivial centralizers and positive entropy

Kostya Medynets, James P. Talisse

The number of rational points of hyperelliptic curves over subsets of finite fields

Kristina Nelson, József Solymosi, Foster Tom, Ching Wong

Infinite sums in totally ordered abelian groups

Greg Oman, Caitlin Randall, Logan Robinson