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Irreducible Character Restrictions to Maximal Subgroups Of Low-Rank Classical Groups of Type B and C

Kempton Albee, Mike Barnes, Aaron Parker, Eric Roon, A. A. Schaeffer Fry

Darboux calculus

Marco Aldi, Alexander McCleary

The classification of involutions and symmetric spaces of modular groups

Marc Besson, Jennifer Schaefer

Descents and des-Wilf equivalence of permutations avoiding certain non-classical patterns

Caden Bielawa, Robert Davis, Daniel Greeson, Qinhan Zhou

An elliptic curve analogue to the Fermat numbers

Skye Binegar, Randy Dominick, Meagan Kenney, Jeremy Rouse, Alex Walsh

A countable space with an uncountable fundamental group

Jeremy Brazas, Luis Matos

Associated Primes of H-wheels

Corey Brooke, Molly Hoch, Sabrina Lato, Janet Striuli, Bryan Wang

Nilpotent orbits for Borel subgroups of $SO_{5}(k)$

Madeleine Burkhart, David Vella

Graphs with at most two trees in a forest building process

Steve Butler, Misa Hamanaka, Marie Hardt

Shabat polynomials and monodromy groups of trees uniquely determined by ramification type

Naiomi Cameron, Mary Kemp, Susan Maslak, Gabrielle Melamed, Richard A. Moy, Jonathan Pham, Austin Wei

On the preservation of properties by piecewise affine maps of locally compact groups

Serina Camungol, Matthew Morison, Skylar Nicol, Ross Stokke

When is $a^{n} + 1$ the sum of two squares?

Gregory Dresden, Kylie Hess, Saimon Islam, Jeremy Rouse, Aaron Schmitt, Emily Stamm, Terrin Warren, Pan Yue

Homophonic quotients of linguistic free groups: German, Korean, and Turkish

Herbert Gangl, Gizem Karaali, Woohyung Lee

Bin decompositions

Daniel Gotshall, Pamela E. Harris, Dawn Nelson, Maria D. Vega, Cameron Voigt

On weight one solvable configurations of the Lights Out puzzle

Yuki Hayata, Masakazu Yamagishi

Rigidity of Ulam sets and sequences

Joshua Hinman, Borys Kuca, Alexander Schlesinger, Arseniy Sheydvasser

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

Prime Labelings of Infinite Graphs

Matthew Kenigsberg, Oscar Levin

Effective moments of Dirichlet L-functions in Galois orbits

Rizwanur Khan, Ruoyun Lei, Djordje Milićević

Euler's formula for the zeta function at the positive even integers

Samyukta Krishnamurthy, Micah B. Milinovich

Toeplitz subshifts with trivial centralizers and positive entropy

Kostya Medynets, James P. Talisse

The number of rational points of hyperelliptic curves over subsets of finite fields

Kristina Nelson, József Solymosi, Foster Tom, Ching Wong

Log-concavity of H\"older means and an application to geometric inequalities

Aurel Stan, Sergio Zapeta-Tzul

Applying prospect theory to multi-attribute problems with independence assumptions

Jack Stanley, Frank Coolen