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Pythagorean orthogonality of compact sets

Pallavi Aggarwal, Steven Schlicker, Ryan Swartzentruber

Properties of sets of non-transitive dice with few sides

Levi Angel, Matt Davis

Counting eta-quotients of prime level

Allison Arnold-Roksandich, Kevin James, Rodney Keaton

Interpolation on Gauss hypergeometric functions with an application

Hina Manoj Arora, Swadesh Kumar Sahoo

Nonunique factorization over quotients of PIDs

Nicholas R. Baeth, Brandon J. Burns, Joshua M. Covey, James R. Mixco

Modeling of breast cancer through evolutionary game theory

Ke'Yona Barton, Corbin Smith, Jan Rychtář, Tsvetanka Sendova

Time stopping for Tsirelson's norm

Kevin Beanland, Noah Duncan, Michael Holt

A classification of Klein links as torus links

Steven Beres, Vesta Coufal, Kaia Hlavacek, M. Kate Kearney, Ryan Lattanzi, Hayley Olson, Joel Pereira, Bryan Strub

The isoperimetric problem in the plane with the sum of two Gaussian densities

John Berry, Matthew Dannenberg, Jason Liang, Yingyi Zeng

Upper and lower bounds on the speed of a one dimensional excited random walk

Erin Bossen, Brian Kidd, Owen Levin, Jonathon Peterson, Jacob Smith, Kevin Stangl

Optimal Transportation with Constant Constraint

Wyatt Boyer, Bryan Brown, Alyssa Loving, Sarah Tammen

Symmetric numerical ranges of four by four matrices

Shelby L. Burnett, Ashley Chandler, Linda J. Patton

Different definitions of conic sections in hyperbolic geometry

Patrick Chao, Jonathan Rosenberg

Connectedness of two-sided group digraphs and graphs

Patreck Chikwanda, Cathy Kriloff, Yun Teck Lee, Taylor Sandow, Garrett Smith, Dmytro Yeroshkin

On the minuscule representation of type $B_n$

William J. Cook, Noah A. Hughes

Quasi-positive curvature on a biquotient of Sp(3)

Jason DeVito, Wesley Martin

The Fibonacci sequence under a modulus: computing all moduli that produce a given period

Alex Dishong, Marc Renault

On the faithfulness of the representation of Gl(n) on the space of curvature tensors

Corey Dunn, Darien Elderfield, Rory Martin-Hagemeyer

Enumeration of stacks of spheres

Lauren Endicott, Russell May, Sienna Shacklette

Finiteness of homological filling functions

Joshua Fleming, Eduardo Martínez-Pedroza

Numerical studies of serendipity and tensor product elements for eigenvalue problems

Andrew Gillette, Craig Gross, Ken Plackowski

Locating trinomial zeros

Russell Howell, David Kyle

Structured sequences and matrix ranks

Charles Johnson, Yaoxian Qu, Duo Wang, John Wilkes

On the complexity of detecting positive eigenvectors of nonlinear cone maps

Bas Lemmens, Lewis White

Rings isomorphic to their nontrivial subrings

Jacob Lojewski, Greg Oman

Antiderivatives and linear differential equations using matrix

Yotsanan Meemark, Songpon Sriwongsa

Explicit representations of 3-dimensional Sklyanin algebras associated to a point of order 2

Daniel J. Reich, Chelsea Walton

On generalized MacDonald codes

Padmapani Seneviratne, Lauren Melcher

The $k$-diameter component edge connectivity parameter

Nathan Shank, Adam Buzzard